Bowing to the cartel will cost HH

Dear Editor,

The decision by HH to keep company with members of the cartel is disastrous for his political career. It shows him for the man he really is, an opportunist who has little regard for the people and the nation as a whole.

Of all the people he should be the first one to know that the cartel is one of the most hated institutions in the country.

I had a lot of respect for HH until I read his apology in the paper.

At first I could not believe it, thinking that a mistake had been made, but then he has begun patronizing Fred M’membe and Wynter Kabimba the leaders of the Rainbow Party.

This has really devastated me because the intention of the alliance is very clear. It is not about the nation.

It is about individuals getting into power regardless of their divergence in ideology or beliefs.

The apology by HH shows that he cannot stand for principle. He will flip flop for as long as he is assured of power.

An indecisive leader is a danger to the nation because he will always fail to make decisions, good or bad, leading to a deterioration of conditions in the country.

Lastly and perhaps most crucially, HH is a capitalist while the Rainbow Party is socialist. How will the two cooperate?

HH must learn from other leaders who compromised and hoped that favourable headlines will last forever.

This has not happened and there is no reason to believe that it will happen now. Opportunism is  a very deadly cancer which eats into the integrity, wholeness and  standing of any individual aspiring for leadership because opportunists will always play to  the tune called by the master and  dance to it.


Edward Katupisha


Violence will not win elections

Dear editor,

The continued confrontation, violence and preaching of money by the UPND leadership particularly Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) is subtracting from a negligible political gains they had acquired when some people thought that PF will not hold after the death of late president Michael Sata.

The majority of Zambians now wonder why the UPND leadership seems to suggest that they must win these elections at any cost.  Is this kind of leadership Zambians can tolerate? The answer is ‘no’.

How can the people of Zambia trust the party which is always scheming to paint the ruling party black?

Right now the UPND leadership is busy going round paying call boys from around Lusaka to start harassing people at stations so that the unsuspecting commuters think that it is PF causing violence especially that the boys are in PF regalia when carrying out such dirty activities. I’m glad that the boys at Kaunda Square 1 who were recently approached by the said UPND officials declined to carry out the operation after receiving the money. Is this how they to create jobs?

I hope those people who are joining hands with these characters know what their new associates have been doing.

What shocks me is the fact that some tribal senior citizens want to make us believe that the UPND under Hakainde Hichilema can come and solve our economic malaise the country has been grappling with as a result of falling commodity prices on the international market.

The one million dollar question is what does HH want to come and get for himself if the extra- ordinary happens that he is voted into power?

Your guess is as good as mine, the man wants to come and recover his money and that of his vice president through contracts from government. We are lucky that majority Zambians are resolved to retain our beloved President who is the best candidate among all – Mr Edgar Lungu.

Let me take this opportunity to advise PF members who have applied for adoption as MPs, councillors, and mayors that those who will not be adopted should not be discouraged but work hard for the party so that the party emerges victorious on 11 August,2016 elections.

There are other party positions and responsibilities they can take up while waiting for the next elections.

I know the competition for adoption to stand on the party ticket is stiff because of the good performance of the PF in the last founr years they have been in power, so everyone wants to take advantage of that. It will not be in the best interest of Zambians for the old PF members to discriminate against new members who have  applied for adoption. What is important is suitability under the circumstances. God bless Zambia.

Enock Chulu, Lusaka.

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