3 chiefs withdraw suit against investor


THREE Shibuyunji chiefs have discontinued a matter before the High Court against an investor they accused of failing to deliver on his promise of improving roads infrastructure in the area.

The three headmen – Mukila, Shupalibanje and Kolongo, all of Chief Shakumbila’s area – have withdrawn their legal suit against the investor, Yusuf Aloo, for the application to cancel a recession agreement signed over a piece of land given to the businessman for sugarcane plantation in 2006.

The headmen sued for repossession of the piece of land after accusing the investor of failure to honour his obligations for 10 years.

The three traditional leaders had requested the courts to cancel the agreement which allowed Mr Aloo to set up a sugarcane plantation because of what they charged was purposeful disregard of the terms of the accord.

According to an application filed at the High Court and signed by Headman Mukila, the three leaders indicated to the court that they have “wholy discontinued the suit against the defendant”.

The investor had promised that upon his possession of the land, he would drill a borehole in each village, construct a dip tank and a water dam to be centrally located to service the local communities in the said villages. But that he blatantly neglected, refused and/or refused to honour his obligation under the agreement for over 10 years of his sugarcane production.

They also accused him of failing to grade a number of roads around the three villages and the construction of some bridges in the area.

They wanted an immediate closure of the sugarcane plantation in the area.

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