Party security wings are a danger to peace

Let us all heed the call by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to disband our security wings because they are a source of political violence, Patriotic Front (PF) Northern Province elections deputy chairperson Chibwaya Muma has said.

Mr. Muma said it was wrong for political parties especially the UPND to be adamant over the matter despite numerous calls by some sections of society and LAZ to disband party security wings.

He said if political violence was to be curbed in this election, there was need for all players to take punitive measures in ensuring that peace prevailed by being receptive to advice aimed at preventing violence.

“There is no need to continue with security wings for political parties because we have enough security from State institutions. These are the sa me issues which are creating problems for us and if we continue with this path, political violence will be inevitable as we go to the polls,” Mr. Muma said.

He accused the UPND of always being adamant to issues that bordered on national security yet playing the victim each time the police moved in to tame its violent cadres.

“Each time we are given advice, we always obey but our colleagues in the UPND just want to create problems by being adamant. When we were advised to stop wearing party regalia in markets, we stopped but our friends didn’t want to cooperate and with this kind of attitude, do you think we can prevent violence? What kind of a party is this which doesn’t even respect an important institution like LAZ?” he asked.

Early this week, UPND refused to disband its ‘security wing’ saying it was helping to provide security for the party.

Two weeks ago, LAZ recommended that political parties should disband their security wings saying they had become a source of violence and intimidation in the country as they seemed to be at the epicentre of instigating violence.

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