LAZ a big let-down over Mutembo Nchito tribunal

Dear Editor,

The Law Association of Zambia puzzles me with regard to issues of justice in this country.

I fail to understand how they have failed to encourage their member, Mutembo Nchito, to cooperate with the tribunal which has been mandated to investigate his conduct and activities as DPP.

What is he afraid of surely to mount this kind of cowardice expedition of wasting time for the tribunal to finish its mandate?

I have been waiting for the George Chisanga-led committee to help the DPP Mutembo Nchito to face the tribunal.

I remember Fred M’membe’s editorial in the Post newspaper at one time urging former president Rupiah Banda to stop fighting the removal of his immunity.

The Post newspaper vehemently advised our former president to stop resisting the process of removing his immunity.

I have confidence in our former chief justices that they will give Mutembo Nchito a fair hearing.

It is unfortunate that people who study law and are members of the justice system are showing this kind of behaviour towards a statute that is there to keep checks and balances, to all constitutional office bearers.

What is brother Nchito afraid of please? Is he telling me that our former justices can all collude to manufacture evidence of incriminating him in order to recommend for his discharge form the office of the DPP?

Please Mr George Chisanga, help Nchito to behave honourably towards established statutes; integrity is more paramount than sheer arrogance of knowledge of law.

The Supreme Court and the High Court have all ruled against him, but he wants to show that all these courts are wrong and him alone is right.

There is an honourable way of protecting your integrity, Mutembo; you still have a long way in your career.

Leave this tribunal to conclude its investigations. What are you afraid of?

Hezron Daka


violence not

ZambianDear Editor,

The level of political violence is surely frightening and might affect the much awaited August 11 general elections.

It is surprising that such violence is taking place in a country whose citizens have always been known for maintaining peace. Just what is happening today?

It is my prayer that the Church should prevail over mother Zambia by offering prayers for peace.

We cannot let this great nation break into pieces because of a few selfish politicians who want to get power at all cost.

And normally it is the ordinary citizens who suffer the brunt of this violence. There is absolutely no need to get excited about the elections in which one person will emerge the victor through the ballot. Those who are planning violence before and after elections are not fit to be called Zambians. The danger is that if violence prolongs, the president has legal powers to declare a state of emergence, suspend the constitution, cancel the elections and worse still ban political parties that  promote violence.

We do not want that to happen, do we?

Josiah Soko

Salima Road, Matero


Zambia Police needs strong-arm tactics

Dear Editor,

The Zambia Police has of late been dismissed as a law enforcement agency full of hot air. But sometimes hot air is just what is needed when UPND cadres can simply march and take on the police officers with impunity at the slightest provocation at police stations.

This was the case with the showdown that ensued between the Zambia Police officers and UPND cadres at Woodlands Police station where UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) had been summoned in connection with the arrest of 21 people for alleged unlawful drilling found at his premises on Luanshya Road, in spite of Zambia Police having warned GBM that they would deal with the UPND cadres at Woodlands police station should they turn unruly and riotous and advised him that he was not going to the Police station to address a rally but to answer questions (Daily Nation, March 2, 2016).

But this was in stark contrast to the way its East African counterpart the Ugandan police, does things in public with strong-arm tactics to quell unrests.

Security forces in that country once shocked the world when they broke up one of a series of protests over the rising cost of living.

Civil society groups had decided to highlight the sky-rocketing cost of food and fuel by walking en-masse to work.

But what was meant to be a peaceful protest degenerated into violence when a defeated presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, who had emerged as one of the protest leaders, was roughly torn from a car by plain-clothes policemen.

But this was not before his window was smashed and his face pepper sprayed at close range.

Such was the severity of his injuries that Besigye was hospitalized in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi – but only after intense lobbying from foreign governments and local media to allow him to leave Uganda. The authorities said they were provoked.

So rather than risk unpredictable outcomes when UPND top leadership dares them, Zambia Police’s preference may be for some form of co-option of Ugandan Police’s strong-arm tactics, while continuing not to turn a blind eye to UPND cadres’ unruly and riotous behaviour at police stations and courts of law.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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