Street food sales ban unfair.

Street vendors in Lusaka have described as unfair Goverrnment’s decision to ban open air selling of food because most of them depend on the money to support their families.

The vendors have complained that Zambians have very few employment opportunities and that is why it was wrong for the government to just decide to remove them without giving them any place to go to carry on with their business

They advised Government to consider the state of living of the street vendors before it throws them out of the street.

Michael Bwalya of Kabwata said even in the townships there are street vendors but it was not fair to go around chasing people from the places where they conduct their various businesses.

He said everyone understood that there was an out break of cholera and everyone should play their part in ensuring that they ended the spread.

“Yes we understand cholera has broken out in the district and it is the responsibility of every Zambian to take part and ensure that together we fight this deadly disease.

But I just do not think it is fair that other people should pay more than other, these traders depend on the money they make for their daily survival and the big question is what is going to happen to them once they are banned from the streets, who is going to send their children to school ; those are the things we are supposed to put into consideration before we all decide to agree that they should be chased from the streets,’’ he said.

Mercy Luonde of Matero said it was important for the people to know and understand that street vendors were business people.

She said it was the fault of the government that the country does not have enough jobs for all and people have resorted to conducting their own businesses. And United Street Vendors Foundation Co-operative Society Limited Lusaka provincial secretary Kedrick Siame has said it was important that the vendors understand that it was important for the government to do everything possible to ensure that cholera was contained and it does not infect anymore people.

Mr. Siame said it was the duty of every Zambian to fight the spread of cholera and has urged the street vendors to adhere to the rules from government.

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