Shakas ditches UPND

…declares he will re-contest Katuba seat on PF ticket


KATUBA UPND Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa has ditched his party, the United Party for National Development (UPND) and has declared he is going to re-contest his seat under the Patriotic Front (PF) in the coming general elections.

Mr Shakafuswa has also declared his support for President Edgar Lungu in the August general elections because the Head of State has exhibited the best qualities of leadership among all the presidential contenders.

He said he had great respect for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema but said he no longer believed in the ideals of the party.

Mr Shakafuswa has also called on President Lungu to stop the thuggery and hooliganism among PF cadres whom he said were denting the name of the Head of State who had been working hard to ensure that there was sanity in politics.

Addressing women in his constituency to mark the International Women’s Day, Mr Shakafuswa said he had decided to join the campaign team of President Lungu because God had ordained the Head of State to lead and govern the country.

Mr Shakafuswa said God had chosen President Lungu to lead Zambia and that those who were aggressively fighting to take up the presidency of the country would never succeed if God had said it was not their time.

He advised opposition political party leaders aspiring to take up the leadership of the country to submit themselves to God the way President Lungu had done because without God’s grace, they would struggle but in vain to take up the presidency of the country.

Mr Shakafuswa said he had great respect for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and described him as a good leader but said he had decided to support President Lungu because the Head of State had what would take Zambia forward.

He said he was joining President Lungu’s team in the Patriotic Front as an emissary of peace that he would help the Head of State in denouncing violence among political party cadres.

Mr Shakafuswa said there had been a perception that he was a violent man but that he would want to prove to Zambians that he was a man who abhorred violence and hooliganism as much as President Lungu did.

“We chose multiparty democracy in Zambia and if one does not agree with the other, you move on but that does not mean that you have become enemies. Those who think they are super human, I wish them good luck but as for me, I have made a decision that I am going to support President Lungu in the August general elections.

‘‘I am going to re-contest the Katuba seat on the PF ticket and will campaign for President Lungu. But I want the thuggery in the PF to stop and I am coming to President Lungu as an emissary of peace,” Mr Shakafuswa said.

He said he had no grudge against Mr Hichilema and said the UPND leader was a wonderful person but that he could not work with him because he no longer believed in the ideals of the UPND.

Mr Shakafuswa said it was surprising that some politicians were questioning President Lungu for having rededicated Zambia to God by declaring that the country was going to remain a Christian nation. He wondered why some political leaders were blaming President Lungu for everything including natural calamities such as inadequate rainfall and the drop of the copper prices on the global market.

Mr Shakafuswa said it was disheartening that some politicians used the depreciation of the Kwacha to launch scathing attacks against President Lungu who he said had no control over the copper prices on the global market.


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3 Responses to “Shakas ditches UPND”

  1. Sawa says:

    To bad you have thrown yourself in the lake of fire otherwise this time you are own yo own no time to follow you.

  2. Mwaba says:

    The decision by you Shaka to leave the party UPND is long overdue .if you had much earlier you would have tested the promised cabinet portfolio which you were looking for.
    This time you’ll never be allowed to get near the corridors power . You and your brother are traitors and UPND will not miss you.

  3. stephano says:

    This shows how people can change and understand politics with just looking at the atmospher in the country be carefull country men


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