Chitimukulu ‘fires’ 2 chiefs

ILAMFYA Bemba Council yesterday resolved that the dismissal of Chief Mumpolokoso, Chewe and Chimbuka by the Bemba Royal Establishment is final.

The meeting which was attended by 16 Bemba Chiefs has with immediate effect replaced Mumpolokoso with Peter Shimumbi.

The meeting heard that chief Mumpolokoso had contemptuously decided to defy the Ilamfya Bemba Council which was the highest Bemba decision making body.

Chairing the Ilamfya Bemba Council, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu told traditional leaders to help him identify indigenous people who would replace chief Chimbuka and Chief Chewe both of Chinsali district.

Mwinelubemba said as far as the Bemba Royal Establishment was concerned chief Chewe and Chimbuka were not chiefs because they were not chosen by the Bemba Authority empowered to choose chiefs.

The Bemba Royal Establishment has observed that the dismissed chiefs were insubordinate to Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu thereby causing divisions in the Bemba chiefdoms.

The Chitimukulu said the reason why Chief Mumpolokoso was bringing confusion in the establishment was because Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Joseph Katema had allegedly been entertaining him.

The Paramount Chief told the meeting that he had written to the President Edgar Lungu and Mr Katema on the Bemba Royal Establishments decision to dismiss the three chiefs.

Chief Mulenga had suggested that before dismissing Chief Mpolokoso the council needed to summon him but Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said he had done so on several occasions but that he (Chief Mumpolokoso) had been turning down all the invitations to appear before the council.

And Chief Chikwanda said there was no need to summon Chief Mpolokoso or wait for Government’s approval because the new amended Constitution stipulated how a chief shall be appointed and disappointed. Chief Chikwanda said Mr Katema was a disappointment regarding the manner in which he was handling divisions in the Bemba Royal Establishment.

And according to the minutes of the previous Ilamfya Bemba Council, chief Mpolokoso was invited to attend the council meeting to exculpate himself.

Mwinelubemba said he had sent Bashilubemba Mpika Washanga and Chikwembe to Mumpolokoso to personally invite him to attend the ilamfya council meeting.

“He was also given the option of exculpating himself in writing. The two bashilubemba reported to the meeting that Chief Mumpolokoso refused to attend the ilamfya Bemba Council meeting claiming that he would be meeting his village headmen on the same day,” he said. And Mwinelubemba said President Michael Sata (late) and Prof Nkandu Luo appointed PF cadres as chiefs in reference to Chief Chewe and Chimbuka, thereby contemptuously and deliberately ignoring Bashilubemba who form the electoral college.

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