Misuse of force


The security forces are there to make sure there is peace and  order in a  country. The problem is that these people don’t know their roles. If a person commits a crime he or she must be taken to a police station or court for further investigations. But what is happening now is that without proper reason they just start beating the suspect, which is not good and I appeal to the people in charge to punish these officers who have taken the law into their hands.

Sisto Silungwe, Lusaka


Pray for Lungu


I am appealing to the people of Zambia to pray to God so that President Lungu can continue to rule this country because he is a good leader.

Hosea, Kulima tower, Lusaka


Is English idiom an offence?


The arrest of GBM leaves much to be desired. If it is true that he was arrested for the remarks he uttered that he would go for President Lungu’s throat, then our criminal justice system seems to be compromised or maybe it is the issue of not understanding English idioms. Honestly, what GBM said is an English idiom which simply means to bring down someone from his exalted position to a level deemed as inferior.  I rarely comment but on this one I am forced to because this is a clear case of abuse of human rights in terms of free speech. What a shame!

Mwansa Kondolo



MMD headed for



The confusion in the former ruling party MMD will surely divide the party, thereby rendering its relevance on the political scene useless. It is high time that personal interests are put aside so that the party is saved from going into oblivion. As a country we want a vibrant opposition which ought to give proper constructive checks and balances to the current Government. I can foresee a situation where the party will be ‘‘shared’’  between Mutati’s group and Mumba’s. As the mother of democracy, I appeal to you to iron out your differences and move forward.

Concerned Zambian




Leave Charly Musonda alone


I just want to comment on the ‘wrangle’ which is going on between Zambian soccer fans and the mother to Charly Musonda Jr. I feel we should not force them to let their son play for Zambian if they don’t want. I say so because whatever will happen to him, all the blame will be on FAZ and the country at large. I therefore appeal to Chipolopolo coach George Lwandamina to ignore the boy and concentrate on the players we already have. I also blame his father Charles Musonda who doesn’t seem to care for the country which led him to be where he is now. Maybe there are some issues we soccer fans don’t know about him and FAZ.

Diehard Chipolopolo fan




‘Battle of Kavalamanja”


Am surprised as a concerned citizen that President Edgar Lungu and his PF have allowed ZNBC to start inciting people to rise against one another by showing war films which we suffered during Kaunda era. This was showing on 3/3/16 around 11 to 12 hrs. What is the motive behind? Shame on them. They even entitled it ‘‘Battle of Kavalamanja’’. People of Zambia vote PF out of power or else you will regret.

KM, Lusaka 





Police should probe

cause of riots at CBU,



I would like to urge the Minister of Higher Education to send forensic auditors to the two universities in order to establish which student is vulnerable. The vulnerable students were left out because of corruption and ended up giving bursaries to misfits whose parents can afford to pay for their education. This is a very serious matter.  I would urge the minister to also involve the secret services to investigate this matter.

Andy Lungu, Kafue


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  1. ET says:

    Careful with English Idiom. The President’s office is the highest in Zambia. Let us all learn to respect it. The penal code is clear and straight foward. We should not take advantage of our president being humble. In some countries its treason where one can face death by firing squad.


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