Objective journalism


The Daily Nation newspaper’s approach of being objective, truthful and factual in its reporting has won the hearts of many Zambians today. It is a kind of journalism which is away from insults and lack of professionalism unlike what we see in the other media houses. Perhaps a message must clearly be put to them, no amount of political insults will let the Zambians forget about the money they owe DBZ.



 Former leaders were down to earth  


I wish to advise whoever wins the coming elections to appoint leaders with sound background. I remember in Kaunda days people joined politics to serve the people and were down to earth unlike these days when they have become masters of the people. Bravo to the two ministers at the Ministry of Health; they are not arrogant. Is it because of their profession?

Emma, Lusaka


 Upgrade Mutambe Primary School


Mandevu/Marapondi community through the Ward Development Committee and Poor People’s Processes and Housing are appealing to President Edgar and area MP Jean Kapata to upgrade Mutambe Primary School into a secondary school like what has been done to other areas.

Mandevu resident.


No respect for the law


HH and GBM you have brought hate politics into this country. Gentlemen if you have no children of your own who need protection from you. Please let our children grow and live in peace. The events of last few weeks are simply disgusting. The earlier you realise this the better for Zambia. I am 65 years of age and have little time to live but is this the country you would like to create which has no respect for the law? Let me assure both of you that your love for violence will make the coming general elections elude you that is if it hasn’t done so already. Heed to my advice.

Ephraim, Ndola.


  Need for balanced media coverage


There is need for a balanced public media coverage. It is shocking that the PF have now warned the public media stations when they blamed it while in opposition. From the first headline to last it’s Lungu, Lungu, Kambwili and the only time an opposition will be shown is when there is negative stories. I pay TV levy for a balanced coverage.

Jubeck Mulenga.


Beer drinking in police colleges


I am concerned about what is happening in police colleges. In case you have no idea, recruits are granted permission to drink beer in their own free time in the camp. After being drunk recruits found outside camp when it’s time for a roll call are fired. Who should we blame – the recruits or supervisors?.  I am in deep sorrow over the jobless citizens who trained for nothing.

Mwansa Mulenga, Chilenje


Loming cholera outbreak in Kitwe


I write  this letter with sadness. Despite cholera alerts,  here in Buchi township runs five permanent sewer rivers from blocked pipes, posing a  death trap to residents here. Nkana Water and Sewerage are just  watching. May the local authority do something now before it is late and costly. Prevention is  better than cure.

Mboyonga, Kitwe


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