KAMWALA Ward 5 councillor Joyce Banda has warned parents and guardians against allowing their under-age children to patronize bars and nightclubs as they risked being prosecuted.

Ms. Banda noted that the escalating levels of children patronising bars in her area was becoming worrisome and needed quick intervention.

She was disappointed that some parents had continued to breach the law by allowing their children to be found at bars.

“The law does not allow children to patronise bars; we have this problem because parents are actually the ones in most cases who are sending their children to go and sell at bars in the night and in the end they end up engaging in illicit tendencies.

‘‘This is wrong and it must be condemned at all cost; we can’t have children as young as 12 years selling at a bar in the night. This must be stopped because children are the future leaders and if we do that, we are actually destroying the future of our country,” she said.

Ms. Banda reiterated that parents and guardians should ensure that children under the age of 18 do not sell at taverns, bars and nightclubs as it was an offence.

She said underage drinking still remained a challenge in Lusaka; urging residents to play a role and the local authority to curtail the vice.

“I wish to urge parents and guardians to stop sending and allowing children to go to bars, instead they should become part of the solution to the challenge of the growing numbers of children being found at drinking places,” she said.

Ms. Banda cautioned bar and nightclub owners against allowing under-age persons in their premises or risk being arrested for breaking the law.

“Very soon we will be conducting random inspections on adherence to such laws, and those who will be found wanting will be in hot soup. It’s time to save the future of this country, we need to put this to an end,” Ms Banda said.

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