An era of impunity is finally coming to the end.

When late President Michael Sata unceremoniously and unconstitutionally dismissed Director General of the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC), Captain Godfrey Kayukwa there was a palpable wave of shock and consternation.

Although a constitutional office holder Captain Kayukwa, was removed without following laid down procedures. Although procedures stipulated an inquiry or tribunal to remove the DG, President Sata dispensed with the law and simply removed Captain Kayukwa.

Speculation at the time was that the cartel which held overbearing influence over late President Michael Sata had seen to the removal of Captain Kayukwa to protect their interests and suppress investigations into serious cases of plunder and corruption in which they were involved.

As if to prove how powerful the cartel was, three Judges, one from the Supreme Court and two from the High Court were equally removed from the bench unceremoniously without any formal procedure because they dared gainsay a cartel matter that was before the courts of law.

So powerful was the cartel that vestiges of its imprint continue to pervade the corridors of the judiciary and other important institutions of state.

However like everything else nice and illegal, time comes when it must be brought to account. Indeed the cartel is slowly being brought to account. The full details and scale of malfeasance will unravel with time suffice to state that it will be unpleasant.

The first to unfold will be the fraud that passed for a campaign against corruption. Zambians will learn how under the cover of the Task Force wanton plunder was wrought on viable and profitable institutions that have now been rendered into mere skeletons and pale shadows of the vibrant institutions they once were.

We hope that with changed circumstances at the ACC investigation into plunder by those who masqueraded as paragons of virtue and probity will now proceed with haste and expedition.

The first agenda should be an investigation into the Trafigura oil procurement scandal. There has been no explanation, let alone justification why we paid almost twice the price of oil. The Government has been spending colossal sums of money to sustain and guarantee out oil supply and it is unfortunate that any person or institution would take advantage of the situation to benefit unfairly from this situation.

We expect that the new Director General will take a proactive stance to investigate corruption without any prodding from the media or any other institution.

For now the ACC has been predatory, thriving on small scale offenders and yet there are those giving away US$5million tenders in a manner widely condemned by the entire book publishing fraternity.

This is the type of corruption that must be investigated expeditiously.

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2 Responses to “ACC CHANGE OF GUARD”

  1. MICHAEL says:

    The truth regarding Colonel Kayukwa, leaving office was , surprising that he agree to vacate office after being told he would he would be posted into the foreign service, A thing he was advised against , by those who knew that, this was a ploy by the late President to vacate office , without going through the lengthen process of a Tribunal .

  2. MICHAEL says:

    The truth regarding Colonel Kayukwa, leaving office was , surprisingly , that he agreed against advise not to , when he agreed to be posted into the diplomatic service by the than Republican President Mr. Sata. A some doubted , as it was just a way of having him removed , as opposed to him facing a Tribunal , as he had not committed any offence to warrant removal.


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