Stop Post’s mischief-ZRP


THE Post newspaper’s continued publication of stories from fabricated documents purported to be state secrets or classified documents should be stopped because it is a threat to national security, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

He said some documents being relayed to the public by the tabloid had the potential to bring chaos in the country as they undermined the operations of the Government as not all the documents were supposed to be in public domain.

Mr. Musoma said the continuous leakage of the purported classified information and fabricated documents was not in public interest but the interest of those who wanted to hold Governmnet to ransom because they had personal interest in the affairs of the country.

He wondered why relevant authorities had failed to question the authenticity of some of the fabricated documents and classified information published by the paper and trace the originators of such information.

Mr Musoma said the leakage of classified documents to the media should be curtailed by probing those who are publishing them so that they could name the sources who were putting the security of the country at risk through their clandestine activities. He said no individuals were above the law and that the rule of law should be seen to apply to all individuals regardless of who they were so that people stopped thinking that they could abrogate the law and still go scot-free.

“The continued leakage of classified documents to the Post newspaper should not only be curtailed, but also investigated so that the people who are involved are rooted out. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to wrong things being done in our country as if some people are above the law and are supposed to be treated as special cases,” Mr. Musoma said.

He challenged responsible Governmnet wings to tell the nation how special the Post newspaper was for them to fail to be probed even when it had continued to abrogate the law with impunity.

“Let them tell us if some people are so powerful; so untouchable that the law cannot visit them even when they continue abrogating the law with impunity because we believe no one is above the law and therefore whoever goes against the law must be prosecuted accordingly,” he said.

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2 Responses to “Stop Post’s mischief-ZRP”

  1. Gen.McShoezy says:

    only an insane can complain about,wake up Mr.Musoma!dis is nt UNIP.wat ar u scared of?ar u a thieffffffffffffffff

  2. Harry says:

    What is this man saying? He talks about documents being published by the Post being fake and in the same breath he says those leaking sensitive government documents must be sorted out. Sure there is real confusion.


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