Kamwala traders in uproar over blocked drains

PEOPLE in Kamwala second-class trading area have complained that blocked drainages have continued to pose a health threat and a danger to their businesses.

Some traders talked to say the drainages have been blocked for a long time, causing some shops to be flooded when it rained.

Mwaka Milemu, one of the traders, said they had called on Lusaka City Council on several occasions to intervene but to no avail.

She lamented that traders were paying a lot of money to the local authority but wondered why they took long to take action whenever a problem was reported to them.

“Following the rains we have had these past days, most of the shops were flooded with dirty water, including mine because of the blocked drainages. We have had this problem for a long time, but nothing has been done so far.

“We should not wait for a disease to break out here, the local authority should take action to address this situation; we pay them,” she said.

Another trader, Brenda Mwelwa  who owns a restaurant in the same area said that the situation was destroying her business due to the bad stench coming from the stagnant water.

Ms. Mwelwa called on the relevant authorities to take the issue seriously and act so that the trading centre could be a conducive place to do business.

“This issue is very serious and it is affecting our business, especially us who are into food selling, we are losing customers because of the stagnant water which smells so badly. The council should take this issue seriously,” she said.

When Contacted for a comment, Kamwala Ward 5 councillor Joyce Banda urged the traders to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility.

Ms. Banda noted that the council had countless times advised traders to desist from dumping garbage in drainages, stating that this was what was causing blockages.

She said it was unfair for the traders to accuse the council of not doing its job when they were the ones causing the problem.

“People should change their mindset; we have always urged them not to throw garbage in drainages but they have continued to do that, so who is to blame? It’s high time they play a part as well and help the council in addressing certain issues,” Ms. Banda said.

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