Questionable truth


Everything that comes out of the Post these days is questionable of the truth. The truth is twisted, fit in words that sounds like truth and yet people who have been around will doubt a heading even from a distance. I think the truth is always supported by underlying facts. The news should not always be challenged.



Cage them one for all


Why is the Government afraid of Funga and Mmembe? These two are bent on destabilizing the country by all means because they feel they are more important than anyone else. Please cage them one and for all!.



Overcharging on water


Garden Water Trust which services Garden North area near Site 3 is not working as expected. One wonders if at all the company has employed qualified accountants because they are overcharging and adding balances brought forward even when the previous bill was cleared. Fellow clients, watch out for these water bills to avoid paying for water you did not use.

Garden resident


Death penalty must stand


Those calling for the abolishment of death sentence are just talking cheap. They support the abolishment because their sons, daughters and family are safe. Wait and see when their daughters are raped, sons killed, families murdered then you will hear how the tone and tune of their voices will change. Revelations 22:18 – 19 says, “don’t add or subtract anything from the Bible. If you do, you will be cursed”. Let us be careful how we use the Bible to bring change to the law of the land. It is said that if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. You murder, you will be hanged. Period. Death sentence should stand. 

T. Mukupa,



Acquittal a disgrace


The acquittal of former Games Stores manager is a disgrace to girl children and women at large.  One wonders how our courts are operating nowadays.

Concerned parent

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