Nawakwi blasts UPND

THE training of militias by the United Party for National Development is distasteful and should be stopped, says Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi.

And Ms Nawakwi has branded UPND as a violent political party following revelations of training militias.

Ms Nawakwi said this yesterday at her office when she donated about 2000 chicks worth K65, 000 to different women movement groups in Lusaka.

She said political parties which were violent should never be voted into State House.

Ms Nawakwi, who appealed to UPND to stop training militias, said the money which it was spending on buying weapons, machetes, guns and military regalia should instead have been channelled towards alleviating high poverty levels especially among the youths.

She called on the youths who had been engaged in militia training to consider joining FDD in order for her to transform them into responsible citizens.

“…And you will find that they give them K10s and buy them Chibuku (local brew), you will never find HH has been hit with a panga it is you who is going to shed blood. You will never find Edgar Chagwa Lungu hit with a panga it is you who will go to UTH, it is you who will be condemned forever, it is you who will go to jail,” Ms Nawakwi said.

Ms Nawakwi, who spoke strongly against political violence, also extended the call for peace and unity to the Patriotic Front party urging its youths to stop practising violence.

“We have sent our team out to places such as city market. In fact we are already trying to contact some of these panga welding youths to try and persuade them to come to our secretariat and lay down their arms because it appears to us that there is a very clear divide between PF and UPND. So am asking all my sons who are being recruited to wield guns to come here they can also benefit from the chicks programme we are doing,” she said.

Ms Nawakwi said instead of carrying pangas youth could even be cleaning the city at a fee.

“I prefer that the money used to buy weapons and uniforms is used to buy food,” he said.

Ms Nawakwi said there could only be one President in State House at any given time.

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2 Responses to “Nawakwi blasts UPND”

  1. Mwaba says:

    Madam Nawakwi is so fast at condemning UPND even before a verification has been carried out whether the party cadres were really militia or and for this I hate her and her party she has a hateful heart and not fit to be in leadership position ,

  2. WAMOYO says:



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