High rents agonise Kabwata tenants


THE exaggerated rentals by landlords in Lusaka’s Kabwata area have raised concerns among tenants who are now demanding for quick intervention from the relevant authority.

They suggested that there was need for relevant authorities to step in and control rents, as most landlords were exploiting tenants with abnormal fees.

Mulenga Kabwe, one of the tenants, noted that rental fees in the area were becoming unbearable, lamenting that landlords were taking advantage of the location and hiking fees whenever they wanted.

“The fees are being exaggerated; landlords are taking advantage of the fact that the area is near town and there are a lot of desperate students living around Kabwata, but that shouldn’t be the case,” he said.

Another tenant, Mary Mauka, concurred with Mr. Kabwe and complained of how her landlord had continued to increase rentals. She said that although landlords were entitled to make money, there was need for them to consider tenants as well.

“Most landlords don’t care; all they want is to make money, but again they should also consider us as their tenants when making those increments.

‘‘For example, am renting a room for K800, but my landlord has increased to K1,000 without notice.

“I wish I could move out but, the house is near my workplace, at least I don’t have to worry about transport, but the increase is too much,” she said.

And Melvin Sitwala of the same area called on the relevant authority to look into the matter. He demanded that there was need for tenants to be protected from exploitation by landlords. “Something must be done; there should be rent control so that the tenants can be protected because the situation here is getting out of hands. Someone can’t just wake up and hike rentals, it is not right.

“Rentals have to be within the normal range according to the services offered and if there are intentions of increasing tenants must be communicated to at least three months before,” he said.

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