Angry residents roast ‘lazy’ councillors


RESIDENTS of various townships in Lusaka have expressed disatisfaction with the performance of their councillors on development.

They said most councillors have done little or nothing to develop their townships.

Christina Chirwa, a resident of Msisi compound and has lived there for more than 10 years, said the area has been neglected as there has been no development since its establishment.

“I even wonder if we have a councillor because I have not seen one, there is nothing to boast about here because there is no development. We don’t have clean water, schools and health posts.

“Msisi is dirty and people still use the bush as toilets. Why is it that we are not provided with the necessary amenities?” she asked. Kelvin Soko of John Horward, complained that in his area there was no drainage system and the roads were in bad state.

Mr. Soko said it was hard for residents to move especially during the rainy season as the area got flooded.

“Our main complaints here have been on roads and the drainage system; this place is so pathetic when it rains. I wonder if we even have a councillor because we have raised this issue several times but nothing has been done so far,” he said.

And Misozi Phiri of Kanyama noted that there was need to elect councillors who were capable of bringing development to townships. She noted that most of the townships in in the capital city were underdeveloped due to incompetent councillors.

“These councillors have not done anything for most of these townships; elections are just around the corner so we expect political parties to adopt candidates who, when elected councillors, are going to deliver development to the people. We don’t want councillors who are lazy and just going to chew taxpayer’s money,” she said.


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