Ambassador Schultz must apologize to Zambians


Dear Editor,

Did the 15 Diplomats who had lunch with HH have permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if not, what measures are being taken by the Government to redress the situation?

I do not believe the Government could have allowed the diplomats undertake such a perilous venture fraught with Diplomatic impropriety.

Zambia is a sovereign country and no foreigner, regardless of status, least of all an accredited diplomat is allowed to intervene in internal affairs as they did.

The remark by American Ambassador Schultz who suggested that the remark by Pope Francis about “Hitler” Trump a candidate in the American Presidential race was equivalent to the luncheon the diplomats had with HH, is underrating the intelligence of the Zambian people.

There is no comparison between the Pope speaking about a spiritual matter for which he is an expert and bunch of bumbling civil servants from foreign countries meeting with an opposition leader in a country they are accredited.

This is never done whatever the circumstances.

Ambassador Schultz should apologize for the remark because it really patronizing and demeans the capacity of Zambians to apprehend the seriousness of what transpired.

Pope Francis made the remarks about the conduct of Trump in the context of Gospel values. He was a addressing a universal moral value whereas HH is campaigning for political office and is looking for support from all possible credible angles. The Diplomatic luncheon offered him  such an opportunity.

I am surprised that our Government has been highly apologetic about this clear violation of diplomatic etiquette as spelt out by the Geneva Convention.

Some people have suggested that, the Diplomats are occupying a leadership lacuna. This is warped thinking similar in nature to the statement by the UPND Vice Chairman Godfrey Mwamba  who was quoted as saying that  Zambia is a failed state.

Mr. Mwamba has no idea or clue of the characteristics of a failed state. Of course given a chance to assume power he would very quickly make this country a failed state.

Thje Ministry of Foreign Affairs must come out of the cacoon and end this matter by demanding for an apology from the senior diplomats who participated in that debacle.

Samson Kwenda

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