Miles Sampa blasted


It is disingenuous for miles Sampa to disown and distance himself from the current economic and social problems because he was part and parcel of the executive, Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central Constituency Secretary Theresa Kolala has charged.

She has accused Mr. Sampa of exaggerating and distorting the current economic situation to favour his political ambition.

Reacting to Mr. Sampa’s statement on Radio Mano in Kasama on Friday that Governmnet had depleted the treasury and that the civil servants delayed February salaries was as a result of lack of money, Ms. Kolala said Mr. Sampa was being hypocritical because his alarming statement did not reflect the true state of affairs.

She said it was sad that Mr. Sampa had resorted to lies adding that he was being ungrateful to the party which made him who he was by engaging into a mudslinging campaign to ridicule the PF with a view to win support from the people of Northern Province.

Ms Kolala wondered why Mr. Sampa remained mute and never criticised Governmnet when he was serving as deputy Minister of Finance when Governmnet delayed salaries for civil.

She said Mr. Sampa was living an illusion hoping that his party would  make significant gains in the province to dismantle the PF but said the Patriotic Front was stronger than ever before and that he was headed for a shock because Zambians knew which politicians meant well for them.

“It’s very surprising to note that somebody who left the government and also saved as Deputy Minister of Finance to say the treasury has no money. And embarrassing enough, the time he was speaking on radio, the civil servants where on queues getting their salaries.

“I would like to remind Mr Sampa to be mindful that civil servants and their unions are more learned and they understand what is prevailing better than him. I would therefore advise Mr Sampa to concentrate on mobilising his party and telling Zambians what he has in store for them,” she said.

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One Response to “Miles Sampa blasted”

  1. Matthews says:

    My President,My Honourable Sampa means well in whatever he’s saying and i totaly give him support cos is an upright Man trying to be transparent and i can assure u ba Theresa umo mu PF mwaba you mean nothin and instead u’ll be shocked on 11th August when we the DF PARTY shall be ushered into office.VIVA DF VIVA MILES SAMPA.


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