The violence perpetrated by some political party cadres in the recent past is a sad development. Violence in any democratic nation should be condemned in the strongest terms. Whenever there is variance between any opposition political party and the ruling part, there is need to resolve the issue amicably instead of resorting to violence. President Edgar Lungu blew the trumpet by condemning violence regardless of the perpetrators whether from the ruling or the opposition political party. Zambia is known to be an oasis of peace in the world and violence should not be condoned in any way.

 Elemiya Phiri


Boko Alam leader arrested?


Can Lusaka Central senior police officers take over from Matero police officers. The leader of the so-called Boko Alam, the group which has claimed a lot of lives in George compound, is in custody.

Concerned Citizen


 Let us unite and work together as one


People of Zambia, let us unite and work together rather than condemning each other. When your friend is wrong advise him/her than throwing insults. God has given us our mother Zambia. We have to be jealous of it. If we put it in bad hands, the blame will be on us. Wake up Zambian people.

F. Kaonga, Chililabombwe (popularly known as Government)



Help George compound residents


I wish to thank our Government for giving us good roads and drainages in Matero constituency. My cry is that we don’t’ have good roads, drainages and water in George compound which is in the same constituency. Please help us also. 

Jones Tiger, George complex



 Faith Kandaba touched many lives


The demise of ZNBC veteran broadcaster and newscaster, Faith Kandaba, is a big blow to the journalism fraternity. The renowned newscaster died in the early hours of Wednesday February 24, 2016 at the UTH after an illness. Faith faithfully discharged her duties at the public broadcaster for a career spanning over two decades. The late broadcaster was well known for newscasting, script writing, documentary narration among other tasks. She was a firm believer in what is right and she touched many lives through her work. Go well and rest in peace.

E.P, Lusaka


 The shame of Uganda


What democracy? Watching the scenes that led to Museveni’s 5th term should be very embarrassing for African democracy. When opposition leaders are put under house arrest, we can’t call it democracy. Ugandans deserve better leadership, whichever way one looks at it.

Charles Mbale

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