GOVERNMENT’S decision to distribute computers to various schools around the country has been commended by most parents in the country.

The parents said that the world was changing and people were now living in an era of advanced technology.

The decision by the Ministry of General Education to introduce computer lessons as part of the Zambian curriculum would motivate learners to work hard and be part of a changing school environment.

The parents say that technology will help improve the performance of pupils because they will be exposed to wider information and they will be supervised by their teachers so that they do not abuse the computers and they become a distraction to the learners.

Margaret Mukuka,  one of the parents who has been overwhelmed by the news of the computer in schools, says that it is important that the learners are exposed to computers while they are in school so that they are able to operate them before they finish school and choose careers.

Ms. Mukuka said that parents should encourage their children to participate and be active in computer lessons because it can help them in their careers.

‘‘We have seen people who do not know how to operate computers even when they have been to school and this is because they were not taught computers; but times have changed, now every job requires computer skills and that is why as parents we think it is a good move that the Government has decided to distribute computers in schools,’’ said Ms. Mukuka.

Ms Mukuka said the computers will greatly benefit the children because it will give the pupils a chance to learn and have computer skills without paying.

But some parents said although the initiative by Government to distribute computers in schools was commendable it may not work out for all the schools especially those in rural areas because some schools do not have electricity.

Royda Mwape said that there are some schools in the country that do not have power and it  will be unfair for the pupils in those schools because they will be denied access to technology.

But Ministry of Education spokesperson Hilary Chipango says the ministry is working with the Rural Electrification Authority (REA)  to electrify schools in rural areas that do not have power.

Mr. Chipango says Government through the ministry is determined to ensure that they offer quality education to learners.

Mr. Chipango also says that the ministry will ensure that every school that has no power connection is given a genset to use as they wait for power to be connected in their areas.


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