How to prevent cholera


Allow me to air my views on the recent outbreak of cholera in Lusaka. This is because there are few professionals in the health sector like environmental health technologists to educate people on prevention of disease outbreaks. I think it is high time the Government took urgent steps to employ more of these health workers to prevent further outbreaks.

Elvis, Lusaka



Terror rules but…


I am writing to express my displeasure with the letter titled “Terror rules Lusaka bus station” in the Daily Nation’s of February 2016 by one of the Lumumba-Chazanga drivers. Fairly speaking, he commended Lusaka Province youth chairman Mr Kamba for dealing with violent cadres but he wrongly accused chairmen of reporting complainants to higher authorities.  In my humble understanding I think for that Chazanga driver to say he is living in fear, he is likely to be one of the people in the opposition who don’t want to work with the party in power. Those are the same people who are bringing chaos.

Concerned citizen.


Diplomats and HH


I wish to refer to your Wednesday 24th edition of this month where a Mr C. Phiri was talking about HH and his new friends the diplomats. I must say you were so disappointed because the diplomats are non-partisan and have no right to vote. What they simply did was to encourage HH. How many diplomats go to State House? Let’s help build our country by being meaningful citizens.

Bernard Chisanga Jnr.



UPND unrepentant


Who is a good repentant person? Someone who is able to recognise his mistake and condemn himself. UPND, due to their pride, are unable to see their mistakes. The violence in Bweengwa and other areas shows how stubborn UPND is concerning repentence.

Concerned Zambian.


If God wills HH can rule


The motto One Zambia One Nation simply means peace be to all. So as Zambians we need to love and help one another. Don’t choose the tribe. If Hakainde was called by God then he can rule. Leaders are only called by God; as a Christian nation let us not judge one another.  Let us pray for our country before elections.

Lammes JC Obinna Okanayo.


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