PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has complained at the bureaucratic processes in disciplining civil servants who are inept and frustrating Governments developmental programmes and has proposed that a quicker way of disciplining public service workers who fail to deliver should be found.

And President Lungu said his victory in the 11th August general elections was certain but has asked the electorate  to find him better candidates at Parliamentary and local Government level that he would work with to effectively preside over the affairs of the country.

The President yesterday blasted Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama for having failed to supervise the completion of Chama District Hospital which has been under construction since 2008.

The President was angry that the Chama District Hospital had started falling apart before it could be occupied and ordered Mr Malama to ensure that the building was completed and ready for commissioning within the next two months.

He said it was disappointing that Zambian contractors had a history of either doing shoddy works or even abandoning their projects before completion yet they were complaining that Government was not empowering them.

President Lungu said he hoped that Cabinet would find a faster way of disciplining inept civil servants stating that current procedural processes were making erring public service workers get away with their indiscipline..

He said Zambia needed a cadre of dedicated civil servants that would be able to deliver the best services to the people and that the performance contract policy that was recently launched would deal with bad elements in the civil service.

The Head of State said it was unfair to the presidency to expect that he would be in all the places to personally supervise the implementation of Government programmes.

“We need dedicated civil servants who can deliver the best service to the people. We have to find a quicker way of disciplining inept civil servants because  the current process of firing them is too long. We must find a better and quicker way of weeding them out because the current process takes too long and by the time you get to them, it is election time and it becomes politics. This building has been under construction from the MMD era and now it is falling apart before it has been occupied. Mr Minister, civil servants should know that if they are not equal to the task, they will be fired.,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said Zambian contractors were often a disappointment and that each time he complained about poor workmanship; the local contractors accused him of being mean.

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