TIME has come for non-performing Members of Parliament to go because they have been retarding development in the country, the Gallant Youth of Zambia (GYZ) has charged.

GYZ president Henry Mulenga said Zambians had been taken for a ride by parliamentarians who were in the habit of resurfacing in their constituencies only when they wanted to solicit for votes.

Mr. Mulenga said time to bring sanity to Zambian politics had come where individuals were voted for on merit and not based on useless promissory notes which only benefited the parliamentarians and left the electorate poorer.

He said the 2016 elections presented an opportunity to Zambians to change the way politicians conducted themselves by holding them responsible for their actions, adding that those MPs who had not done anything in the past should be rooted out of the system.

There was no reason why some constituencies should remain underdeveloped despite having the same parliamentarians for many years who did nothing save to repeat the same election message of unfulfilled promises.

He called on political parties to choose parliamentary candidates in this year’s election on merit and not mere popularity of candidates as they were the same people who had failed to foster development in the areas they hailed from.

Mr Mulenga  advised voters to analyse campaign messages of the candidates and gauge who would live up to their word before making a decision as the power to develop their areas lay in their hands.

“Time has come for voters to put value to their ballot. Many are the times that politicians have taken advantage of the privileges given to them after ascending to position of authority. This time around, a Zambian voter has been given an opportunity to either hire or fire those we give jobs through our votes. We have seen the bossy attitudes in many of our leaders especially parliamentarians.

“We wish to dispel this misrepresentation of facts that opposition members at either local government or parliamentary level cannot take development to their areas because such a leader by virtue of being a councillor or Member of Parliament was automatically part of Government.

‘‘No single MP should use partisan politics to disadvantage the electorate in facilitating development. We want to urge fellow voters to use campaign promises made when they were soliciting for votes as a yard stick for voting them in or out,” Mr. Mulenga said.

He said campaign messages by political parties should not be based on their identity but on the identity of the people they will be fielding in as candidates so that the electorate gauge the candidates and not the popularity of the parties.


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