SOME men suffer in silence while being abused by their spouses because everyone is more concerned about gender based violence involving women, it was claimed in Lusaka this week.

And some concerned Lusaka men have called on organizations that look after the welfare of men to ensure that they educate men on gender issues so that they learn how to protect themselves from abusive wives and girlfriends.  They said that it was wrong for men to be mistreated and the perpetrators to go unpunished because everyone believed that only women were victims of domestic violence.

Activists for the rights of men claim that many men suffer in silence because human rights advocates pay more attention to the rights of women while ignoring the fact that ‘‘it takes two to tangle’’.

They called on some of these organizations and well-wishers to work hard and ensure that the rights of men were also respected and considered just as much as that of women.

The men said that although cases of gender based violence against women were rife, the country should also look at issues affecting the men because some men were abused just like women and it was hard for the men to come out in the open and say they were abused because no one would believe them.

Mr Bernard Mataka said very little was being done to secure the well-being of men because everyone thought only women were abused.

Mr. Mataka said that men were abused on a daily basis but no one did anything about it because they all concentrated on the rights and safety of women.

‘’It is always difficult for men to come out in the open and say they are being abused by women because they know that society is going to look down on them. This notion that men are always the culprits of gender based violence and never the victims because will lead to the death of some men all in the name of promoting the rights of women,’’ said Mr Mataka.

Andrew Ntembelwa another concerned man said that ‘‘men are suffering inside’’ because no one would believe men who report cases of them being physically abused by women.

Mr. Ntembelwa said that men have been ‘‘burnt, they are being cut but nothing is being done’’ because the fight for women’s rights were at the centre of every gender meeting.

‘’We think it is just fair that when people talk about gender equality they have the best interest of the men as well and should not just worry about women because equality applies to both’’, he said.

– Millennium Radio 90.5FM


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