Chiefs phoning DF leaders?


A Democratic Front leader recently claimed that his party is spreading very fast in Eastern Province to an extent that even chiefs are phoning him to show their support. I suspect it’s actually ‘‘smart’’ chief’s retainers who are playing him ‘‘dyamo-dyamo’’. I challenge him to name the chiefs.

DML, Chingola.


Fred never ceases to amaze


The Post newspaper and its owner never cease to amaze me. Fred has been insulting President Lungu from January to January, year in, year out. It only remains to see if he will continue insulting him for five years when we give him a full mandate. To Wynter Kabimba, yes, we who are insane will vote for Edgar Lungu and the PF because we have hope they will heal us from this insanity. Let’s respect the President. I and my family assure the President of our votes. Love you Mr. President.

D. Lesa, Nkwazi branch youth chairman.


Lesson from lady with 14 kids from 14 fathers


‘‘Detroit woman gives birth to her 14th child from 14 different fathers’’, Daily Nation Feb 21. This might sound Western buts it’s happening in our own compounds. We have women with five or six kids from different men. The Detroit woman is quoted as saying she is extremely proud to have broken a world record and that her mother used to tell her that she was lazy and worthless. This act does not make her strong, it only shows how stupid she is and how right her mother was.  Having children is not a competition but a responsibility which you need to plan for. It’s not about ‘‘my friend has four, let me also have four’’. We already have huge numbers of street kids. Stay wise.

T. Mukupa


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