LUSAKA City Council has been urged to ensure that they monitor the building of structures around the city and raze down those posing a danger or are an eyesore.

Several residents have complained that Lusaka has too many incomplete buildings some of which were now a hazard and others were being used for illegal activities.

They have said that the council should ensure that whoever starts a project is given a period in which to complete the structure.

They said many incomplete buildings in the capital make the city look dirty and were being used as criminal dens especially by youths.

The residents said that having too many incompleted buildings around the city also discourages  potential investors who might conclude that it was a trend in Zambia for people not to finish whatever they start. Mr James Ngoma one of the people that have raised concern said that the incomplete buildings all around town are used as hide outs for people who want to be out at night and start stealing from innocent citizens.

Mr. Ngoma said that some people hide in the building because no one bothers to go there and find out what happens in there and as such they stay in there and wait until it is late and that is when they come out and go round attacking people.

He said most people drag innocent passer bys into the buildings and some of them are raped in the same buildings while others suffer the fate of been killed  in the same buildings because the owners have decided to end their works some other people have decided to utilize the building and cause harm to others all around the city.

‘’People are killed in these incomplete buildings, whether it’s a house or a company structure, these buildings ought to be finished because they are a danger to the society, girls are been raped in these buildings and that is why we think if the council can come in the issue and order the owners of these buildings to complete their works it will really be helpful to all of us ‘’ said Mr. Ngoma. Ireen Chibale another concerned citizen said that it is not right to have a building unfinished for over five years when there are people who are conducting business in the streets because there are no shops in town.

Ms. Chabala said that these unfinished structures attract a lot of negative activities for the youths who think the structures are a blessing to them on a silver palter.

She said the youths spend their time in the unfinished buildings drinking and smoking in there with no regard for their lives or future whatsoever.

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