Crime in Kabwe is reported to be on the increase and both government and concerned residents have called for intensified police patrols.

According to reports from residents, barely a day passes without a report of thieves raiding a home or attacking unsuspecting people in the night. The thieves have been said to take advantage of overgrown grass in which they lie waiting for their unsuspecting victims.

Some residents of Zambezi ward in Makululu compound complained and appealed for intensified police patrols. Their appeal was echoed by Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala who also bemoaned the increased crime rate.

“Some criminals are hiding in the overgrown grass and wait for us. If you are alone they strike and cause terror especially among females,” said a residents.

And Mr. Chishala regretted the increased crime rate.

He said that thieves had now perfected their art by stealing from churches.

Last week some thieves broke into Kabwe chapel and stoke a laptop among other things. They eluded the guard who was on duty in the night.

“I have noted the increased crime rate with disappointment because now the thieves have gone as far as stealing from the church and from some church goers. Indeed police must intensify their night patrols and apprehend any suspicious people,” Mr. Chishala said.

Efforts to get a comment from central province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi failed as her mobile phone was unreachable.

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