The Zambian job market is saturated and therefore individuals with skills should aim at becoming entrepreneurs instead of waiting to be employed, says Bank of Zambia (BoZ) senior supervisory policy director Chisha Mwanakatwe.

He said in an interview after officiating at the ZIBSF 15th graduation ceremony in Lusaka that Zambians needed to change their mind-sets of getting depressed when not in formal jobs because industries were now flooded.

“Even if you do not find a formal job, start thinking of what opportunities are there and partner with friends, you can get bigger results in the end,” Mr Mwanakatwe said.

He said people could start up their own businesses through partnering with others instead of waiting to be employed.

“Let me emphasis a point that the industry will not always be capable of taking all graduating students and all individuals with skills.

“We know this for a fact and we need to start changing our mind-set of not feeling sorry for ourselves when we are not employed because the industry is too saturated but to also think of ourselves as people who have acquired available skills,” Mr Mwanakatwe said.

He challenged Zambians to think outside the box by using initiative to become entrepreneurs.

“If you think outside the box, with skills acquired, you may find places within the sectors that do not even require you to be employed by anybody

“You can come up with different products and services using your own initiative and skills. I put this as a challenge to you fellow Zambians. Very often when I travel within the region I have seen our friends articulating all kinds of business opportunities and coming up with their own businesses in East Africa at a very young age,” he said.

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