MMD in wrong hands


MMD, the the former ruling party, is led by people with no vision. There is nothing pastor Nevers Mumba can offer in the world of politics apart from confusion. This is why MMD is passing through difficulty times. Fellow members of the beloved party, let us wake up and defend the ideology of our party before it is sold. It is common knowledge that the pastor once sold his political party and what will stop him from doing so with the MMD?

Mr. Kabalukila

Kanyama Constituency


 Mushrooming of substandard  private schools


The mushrooming of private schools in compounds is a source of concern. These same schools charge exorbitant fees. Quite alright they are supplementing Government’s efforts in the delivery of education to the under-privileged but the learning environment has to be conducive. There is no way our kids should be learning in houses turned into schools. This creates lack of self-esteem among our kids. Let private school owners do their best by improving on the learning environment. I appeal to the Ministry of General Education to help owners of such schools in any way possible.

Concerned Parent

Garden House

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