Dear Editor

Zambians were prepared to give HH and his UPND party the benefit of doubt when they launched their 2016 Presidential campaign, no more now.

His apology to the Post and the subsequent change of heart for the paper to give him  front page coverage have eroded any  morality or trust people held in him.

He has come out as the opportunist who will betray trust and integrity for the sake of winning the Presidency. These are not the qualities that a leader who expects to lead a Christian nation should have.

A leader must be steadfast and must associate with people of high standing. By associating with people who have questionable credentials from whom favours have been obtained reduces credibility and certainly trustworthiness.

The choice among leaders has now been made much easier. On one hand is Edgar Lungu who has taken the unusual step of helping the church build a worship center. On the other hand is a leader who has been compromised with people confronting serious cases.

We know for a fact that if Lungu errs it will be for the greater good while this is not the case with the other side which has always been interested in its own survival and sustenance.

We know that Lungu will always try to get the best for the country while the others want everything for themselves.

This is the big difference that will make Lungu win.


Steve Mangango



I am always not impressed by the lack of high moral standards of our opposition politicians.

Consider, for example, the claim by UPND’s vice president Canisius Banda that “the UPND had not designed any official campaign calendar and that they were not aware of the one bearing the image of expelled MMD Lunte member of parliament Felix Mutati” (Daily Nation, February 20, 2016).

One then wonders why they did not reject the offer of the calendar’s publicity and sponsorship of it by the mysterious publishers, the seemingly unknown individuals who must be disliked with a passion by large numbers of MMD members.

Or better still, why UPND did not reject the circulation of the same campaign calendar in the first place, having acknowledged that they were neither aware of its sources nor its production?

Yet the UPND seem to sing Mutati’s praises, like Canisius Banda’s description of his expulsion by the former ruling party as dirty and unfair. I think it is too early to sing Mutati’s praises.

GBM enjoyed similar eulogies in 2015 when he crossed over from the ruling PF to the UPND.  Let us wait until after his legal action against them for using his face on the party campaign calendar without his authorization when the nation will know his true moral character.

So desperate are the UPND leaders to get a bigger share of the Bemba vote basket of Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces that, while the MMD was consorting with the PF for a possible electoral alliance, they used Mutati’s face and that of GBM on the party campaign calendar without his authorization.

But still, he goes to court expelled, feeling betrayed by his new best friends.

But who could trust a man to whom politics, right and wrong are just mere words, with no meaning?

And whose political career is at the brink of collapse?

Mubanga Luchembe,  LUSAKA



Dear Editor,

I have no doubt that those who have followed closely the politics of Hakainde Hichilema and those who have followed the irresponsible reporting of the post newspaper have noted a number of similarities between the two divisive fellows.

Both HH and M’membe want all Zambians to worship them as small gods, they feel that they are above others. Both HH and M’membe are jealous of the achievements of other citizens, they always want Zambians to go down on their kneels when they pass, both HH and M’membe are so vindictive to the point of undressing their political opponents in the media.

Both HH and M’membe are disrespectful of authority, they have ignored the bible teaching on the need to respect the authority.

Let me warn HH that Zambians hate to be insulted, and that his close association with the Post has already spelt doom for the Upnd, today any insults directed to Zambians through president Edgar Lungu is now attributed to HH and his bunch of political blinds, the reason is that M’membe wants the Zambians to further doubt the Upnd morality hoping that Zambians can one day turn to Wynter Kabimba as an alternative.

HH thinks that The Post helped the late president Michael Sata to win elections in 2011, it is actually Sata who helped the post newspaper to acquire some credibility from Zambians because of his verified information.

No wonder I don’t trust HH because he does not seem to understand anything about the politics of this country, he does not know who is genuinely on his side, many are pretending to be with him but not in reality, he will definitely end up like Besigye of Uganda who was cheated by the crowds he attracted during his campaign trail, typical of many African opposition party leaders, he became bigheaded and overrated his chances of winning the elections to the point of breaking the law just like his brother HH here back home who has lost respect because he has managed to go to bed with the Post Newspaper without realising that his political fortunes has dwindled.  HH is so naive, is he telling us that he learnt nothing from the political genius the late Mr Michael Sata?

Sata knew how to deal with The Post, whenever he noticed that they wanted to drag him into fighting battles with their perceived enemies, he always told them off that he would not tolerate their scheme against other citizens.

If he continues to be myopic, the Post Newspaper will even stop contacting him for comments, they will just cook up some derogatory statement daily and create quotes as HH’s in the same way they do with The most disappointing politician Zambia has ever had Charles Milupi.  Come 11 august, 2016, HH will be taught some lesson that will always haunt him, he will not only burn copies of the post newspaper on that day when they report that Edgar Lungu has won, he will also ban his team and supporters from buying the paper.

M’membe knows that HH and his team of brutes such as Request Muntanga, GBM, Douglas Syakalima, and Gary Nkombo can not tolerate the the kind of insults that our democrat President Edgar Lungu has to suffer at the hands of the post newspaper, so he prefers to be lead by a team of Democrats of Lungu.

M’membe knows that majority Zambians can’t vote for the person who insults them, no wonder he makes sure that when Wynter utters insults to Zambians through Edgar Lungu, they don’t publish, but when HH or his boys do that, they publish it so that Zambians hate him more. Zambia is a christian nation with some strong values, actually, God has provided us with a christian leader already Mr Edgar Lungu.

Enock chulu, Lusaka

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