PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadres who have turned themselves into mercenaries and vectors of violence should immediately be rooted out because they are tarnishing the image of the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu who has been preaching peace and harmony in the country, Kennedy Kamba has said.

Mr Kamba who is Lusaka Province PF youth chairman said a scheme has been hatched by some  Lusaka PF youth leaders in which innocent members and loyal leaders are being implicated into violence which he said had resulted into the arrest of 21 youths who have been accused of having been in possession of pangas and knives.

He said the group that has been causing terror at Soweto market and the bus station using the name of the PF was still free and yet those who had been arrested had not committed any crime.

Mr Kamba revealed that a group calling itself America 2 was allegedly masterminding the arrest of the 21 PF cadres who are currently detained at Central Police.

He narrated that on the material day, the America 2 gang organized pangas and knives and loaded the weapons into a bus and later rounded up members who had recently been appointed into position at the Soweto Market branch and ordinary members and forced them into a bus loaded with the weapons.

He said after rounding up the 21, Police were allegedly called and immediately arrested the cadres whom he said had not committed any crime except that some of them had been appointed to take up positions after the suspension of some officials.

And the Patriotic Front has suspended some of its officials in Lusaka . According to letters obtained by the Daily Nation the PF has suspended Lusaka district chairperson Alex Besa, Soweto branch chairperson Joe Chama and Innocent Kabaso.

The trio was suspended on 18th February, 2016 by Lusaka PF district chairman Stafford Kayame.

The letters of suspension indicate that the trio was suspended for allegedly being involved in violent activities.

“The people the police have arrested are innocent and the culprits are still free. The people who masterminded the arrest of our members are those who have been suspended from the party because of their violent activities. There is a gang that has been terrorizing people and harassing marketeers and bus drivers,” Mr Kamba said.

Meanwhile, Nathan Phiri, the PF Lusaka district information and publicity secretary said youths in Zambia should endeavour to defend President Lungu because should the Head of State lose the August election, the ruling party would not be able to form government even if it had the chance of winning more parliamentary seats.

Mr Phiri said President Lungu was the constituency of the PF and that there was need for the Head of State to get maximum support from the youths.

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