Lungu wins kudos


I am happy with President Edgar Lungu because he has continued with infrastructure development left by ba Michael Sata. People should be aware that economic development always starts with Infrastructure development. The two are interrelated. ”Read a book titled ‘cost benefit analysis’ by HG Peters” pp20-35. Concerned Zambian


Nchito tribunal must start



Since the Supreme court gave a ruling, the Annel Silungwe Tribunal investigating the alleged professional misconduct of suspended DPP,  should start work immediately, and must not entertain stoppages due to unnecessary preliminary issues. The truth is that the man will do everything possible to delay the process for obvious reasons.

 F.A. Zulu, Lusaka


HH disappoints reader


HH should have exhibited optimum humility by accepting and acknowledging the violence in his so called dynasty stronghold, but his justification and demand of proof is in itself an act of arrogance for someone seeking the highest office. By and large people living in glass houses should not throw stones. For violence is like a pendulum instrument.-

 Political student.


Check mini-bus drivers


Some minibus drivers’ cruse right inside the heavily populated Kulima Tower Bus station at the risk of committing dangerous accidents! If all drivers were responsible, we would not be witnessing such accidents so often. How do we ensure we are all safe from these young irresponsible bus drivers? I suggest three things: a higher age limit, a minimum of Grade 9/12 education level and a permanent check point by RTSA to ascertain that the driver is licensed and sober. I  also urge the Pedestrian Association to take matters of traffic accidents seriously without leaving them to already overburdened police Officer. The association should go beyond watching and complaining. It must be more proactive and even have seek laws to empower them to prosecute offenders. Let us move forward to make our roads safer!

 Concerned Zambian



Kanyama defilement



Defilement cases are ever increasing in our country. Kanyama compound recent case (Daily Nation story of 19th February, 2016 on page 7) is one example in a thousand. I put much of the blame on NGO concerned who do not go round to educate the masses. if you are to move into rural areas it a pathetic story. it’s even so much common see 13 and 14 year girls married off. it a social mayhem. NGOs leave your laptops and offices and check what is happening in rural areas especially.

Concerned citizens



Honour FJT


Yes Zambians, we need to honour a new Airport or Airstrip as Fredrick J.T. Chiluba international airport anywhere in Zambia. He did a lot. May god bless you and your leadership. CWC, Lusaka



Time to act on Post now


The Post newspaper has sowing seed and time to harvest is now. Mr. President what are you waiting for ? Please do it on behalf of all Zambian.

 A.C. Mumba, Lusaka



Mutati and picture


When someone posts a picture of me on facebook and says am a womanizer or a thief, I don’t have to wait for my church to react for me to confront the person who posted the picture. The person is assassinating my sweet personal life , why wait? So what Mutati is saying that he is going to sue UPND doesn’t hold water. One doesn’t need a Grade 12 certificate to know this. The picture he was referring to came  out weeks ago. Not that he has been expelled he wants to sue, serious boss? I know  you to be learned man, please don’t disappoint me. For now just put all the effort in building and cleaning your personality. Troy Mukupa, Matero youth

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  1. ET says:

    Lungu Wins Kudos . Am in support of that days’ Text. Infrastructure development was supposed to be done by MMD immediately after taking power from UNIP. KK did his party more especially on infrastructure development. MMD was suppose to continue and this time Zambia was going to be a nation where all people around the world would desire to visit. Some politically seems to be short sighted. They want immediate results. How can a farmer sell his farm produce without good road network? We need to develop tourism by constructing good hotels along dam view and develop a boating places like bruneli dam in kabwe – mukonchi road which has a nice view . All these once developed, income would just flows. Here comes a politician with small brains want immediate results. Development is gradual. No short cuts.


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