COSMO MUMBA is claiming damages of K 1.5 million from Peoples Party president Mike Mulongoti for alleged defamation of character and malice.

Dr Mumba, National Revolution Party (NRP) president has accused Mr Mulongoti of causing him trauma and inconvenience as a result of remarks he uttered during a public gathering at Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka.

He has told the High Court that in February 2016, the Electoral Commission of Zambia called a meeting of all registered political party and civil society organisation leaders where Mr Mulongoti publicly uttered the derogatory words meant to discredit him.

He explained that the accusations made by the PPs leader were uncalled for as he, (Dr Mumba), had no idea about what he was being accused of. The defendants words or statement are understood to imply and/or mean that plaintiff and his political party was violent leaders who grabbed other peoples land. This in consequence caused damage to the reputation and standing of the plaintiff and his political party in society in estimation of right thinking people and /or society,Dr Mumba has submitted.

He charged that despite several efforts to have Mr Mulongoti apologise and withdraw his statement, he refused as he continued to insist that he could provide evidence to his accusations. Dr Mumba said the statement against him and his party have caused many people who listened to the statement look at him as a man without integrity, a criminal, trespasser and not worthy to be a leader.  He maintained that the allegations by Mr Mulongioti were false and unproven but that the defendant deliberately chose to use the same words to harm or slander the plaintiff and his political partys reputation.

Dr Mumba has accused Mr Mulongoti of deliberately, carelessly, irresponsibly, irregularly and dishonestly causing damage to his (Mumba) political career and political party.

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