YOU WILL FIND HIM!” 1st Chronicles 28:9 Part II

“We have come to learn from the scriptures that before King David came to advice his son King Solomon to know God intimately, King David himself has come to know his God intimately, and that was very rewarding for him as King of Israel.

He did not want as a good father, his son Solomon to miss out on the blessings which go with knowing our Lord God Almighty intimately.  Reading through the scriptures, we are able to tell that King David loved his God, with all his heart as stated in Deut 6:4.

Each time King David was attacked by his enemies, he appealed to the Lord God Almighty for help, and he never went wrong.  King David’s spirit of relying on God each time he was in trouble was also recognized by his people he ruled in Israel.  1st Chronicles 12: 16 – 18.

King David’s advice to his son who was ascending to the throne was not like telling the son to do what the father said, but not what the father did.  When it came to loving God, the father, King David was a true example to his son.  There are no pitfalls in knowing God intimately, but benefits that are drawn from the blessings of the Most High.

King David was sincere to his son King Solomon, when he said to him “God knows every plan and sees every heart”.  As humans, we are in a habit of starting our plans and finish them without involving God through prayer.  It was different with King David.  He always desired to involve his God in all his plans, because he realized no plan can fail to mature or flourish with God’s indulgence (Jeremiah 33: 3).  Our Lord God Almighty is the master planner.

His incredible plan when creating heaven and earth will remain astounding forever.  No man will be able to understand it, despite the many years spent in study, man cannot even count the number of hair on his head, when it comes to human creation.  King David realized the importance of involving God in all plans that his son King Solomon had to undertake. (Proverbs 16:3).

King Solomon learnt from his father that the Lord god Almighty sees every heart.  Nothing is hidden from him.  In other words, King David was advising his son no to be part of the devils den.  Not to do wrong, because the Lord God Almighty will be aware of the wrong done instantly.

It is in the book of Proverbs where we are advised to be very careful the way we think and above all, how much we entertain such thoughts.  In this case, the best way to escape the wrath of god because of our bad thoughts is to remain repentant and ask for forgiveness of our sins.  And the Lord Almighty will be very willing to forgive our sins.  Isaiah 1: 18-19.

Human wickedness begins with a single wicked thought.  When we seek god and find Him, we should learn not to nurture a wicked thought, never to give it chance to manifest in what we say or do.  We should put all our arsenals together so as to fight all our faulty thoughts, that may cause us embarrassment in life as believers.

Thinking properly is also highly advised in 2nd Chronicles 19:6”.  Always think carefully before pronouncing judgment.  Remember that you do not judge to please people but to please the Lord.  He will be with you when you render the verdict in each case.  Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice.  Partiality or the taking of bribes!!.

This is the kind of thought that pleases God.  It must be the kind of thought that considers all men before the law and before God.  And a thought that puts God Almighty Jehovah Jireh at the centre of every noble activity which is pleasing in the presence of Him the Most high, God of Israel. Thinking well is not to boast.  2nd Corinthians 10:17 – 18.  It is wrong to boast in order to be little your friends, but if you have to boast, do it in the name of the Lord.

For it is people of whom the Lord thinks well who are really approved, not people who think well of themselves and so the bible says.  We should always want to do good to fellow men, when we have such a chance to act in that manner, this act only comes about after a good thought.

Our line of thought must be the type that will promote peace.  It is by such peaceful thoughts and ensuring that peace prevails among the peoples of the world that we shall be called children of God.  (Mathew 5:9).  This is what pleases God.

When we seek God and find Him, we should always remember only to entertain thoughts that will be pleasing before the Lord, knowing that our thoughts good or bad cannot be hidden from Him, Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The words of advice from King David to his son King Solomon to know God intimately is to know God who is ever present.  He never takes a nap.  Not even for a minute.  Our Lord God Almighty is therefore there present for us at all times.

Every minute of the day, week, month and year, our Lord God Almighty is there all the time ready to hear to our prayers and petitions.  We can trust that He is a fair God, in the same way He answered people of Israel in the Biblical days, is just in the same way He willrespond favourably to our requests, as long as we have faith.

When our businesses are falling down, we are afflicted by disease, we are in a childless marriage and several other problems, our God Almighty Jehovah Jireh is always there for us.  James 5: 13 encourage us to pray when afflicted with disease – 2nd Kings 20: 1-11.  We can be saved from situations that trouble our hearts in life, because to the Lord God Almighty, Most High, everything is possible Mathew 19:26.  That is from any kind of trouble whatsoever.

God never fails.  It is a matter of faith. (Mathew 21:22) if you have faith you will receive.  To seek and find God is to desire to be closer to God all the time.  We shall then say testimonies of His generosity and goodness.  He is the one who distributes wisdom, power and authority, riches (Deut 8:18).  No one can stop Him from distributing His blessings     to people of His desire.  He is all conquering.  We thank God for distributing riches among our people.

They have the power to employ citizens, who are well saved together with their families.  Hardships of life, including hunger and disease are abated.  Those who seek God, share their riches even with those they have never met in life.

They simply use the kindness of God and the blessings of God are always upon them.  Our prayers for such people should never cease at all.  Their businesses should flourish from one level to the other, so that they can employ and serve more people.

King David desired his son King Solomon to seek God, find Him and then remain self-controlled and to continue to pray and learn to love his subjects within his empire.  1st Peter 4:7.  A king who does not love his subjects will certainly at one time or the other abuse them.

Good supervisors will always love the people they lead as did King David.  Apart from being a great King, he was also a great warrior in the land of Israel.

Our God is loving and faithful to His people.  When we seek and find God we should realize that one of the attributes of God is love.  We should love one another as God loves us Psalm 23: 42, 51.

When we seek and find God, we should know Him intimately as a merciful and forgiving God.  We are all sinners (Romans 3:23).  But by God’s free gift of grace, we are put right with Him.  King David did not want his son King Solomon lose out on the promises of God, for those who love Him, knowing very well that the Lord, God Almighty does not miss on His promises (Ruth 2:20).  And King David was sure that his son was going to succeed as King of Israel since God had promised Him of the divine favour, that the Lord God Almighty was going to be closer to King Solomon, for as long as the

King was going to be obedient to the commands of the Lord.

We all need courage and above all God’s wisdom in order to succeed in life.  A Disappointment coming our way from time to time should not be the reason for us to totally abandon what we have planned to do over a number of years.  When we seek and find our Lord God Almighty, we will then know and appreciate His glory, which is in the creation and spreading the earth and heaven.  God’s glory surpasses any other glory that we have come to know, it is glory that is everlasting.  The glory of God is also in His holiness, which never allows sin to come near Him.  The power and authority was without end.  And King David was aware of all what was to come from God as a blessing for those who obey His commands.

The blessings King Solomon received from God, out of the kind of advice he received from his father, King David, can be the same blessings we can receive from the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if only we can abide by the words of David to his son King Solomon.

It is written in the book of Rev. 1 V3 that “Blessed is the one who reads this book, and blessed are those who listen to the words of this prophetic message and obey what is written in this book. For the time is near when all  those things will happen.  King Solomon was very obedient to his father’s advice.  His kingdom received praise and honour from all people of Israel and beyond.  His reign was admired, that is as far as and as long as he obeyed the commands and statutes of our Lord, God Almighty, Jehovah Jireh.

The Lord, God Almighty is near to us when we seek Him in truth.  We should therefore come boldly unto Him, who is on the throne of grace, that we obtain and find grace in time of need.

To God Almighty, nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37).  From Him, we can get anything and everything according to His will as long as our measure of faith is adequate.  It is all according to our faith (Mathew 21:22).  We pray for the blessings of our Lord God Almighty for those who read His word.

Our prayer is for those who take time to read the word of God and abide by the commands of our Lord god Almighty Jehovah Jireh, who pours His blessing on all desires.

–  Amen.

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