Kabimba won’t enter Plot 1


Mr Kabimba is a disgruntled lawyer who will never enter State House because his fellow lawyer in the name of Chagwa Lungu will occupy it after 11th August. People appreciate President Lungu’s works. How can he call the masses that will vote for our President insane? He is unrepentant. Thrice he has been rejected in Salaland where he hails as MP. As for Reverend Matale, I wonder if this woman is an agent of God or the opposite. Our President preaches peace at every podium, but she has publicly shown unprecedented hate for him. I pray that she repents and preaches peace instead. Viva Chagwa. Viva PF.

Nasson M, Lusaka.


Block-making  directive


Six months has elapsed since Honourable Kambwili directed foreigners dealing in block-making to leave the business to Zambians or partner with locals. May we see the implementation of that directive now.

Concerned Zambian.


 Sampa’s motive


Miles Sampa knows that he cannot win this year’s election. His main aim is to block President Lungu from retaining his seat. HH’s failure to condemn the barbaric and cowardly violence in Southern Province has convinced Zambians that it is true UPND is jealous and envious. I am calling upon all Zambians to put this country into the hands of God before and after elections. Danny street vendor,

Kulima Tower.


We’ve only one Zambia


Let us promote peace, love and unity in our nation Zambia. Remember that we have only one Zambia; let us embrace that which unites us and not that which divides us. Hate speeches should not be entertained at all levels and let us strive to leave Zambia better than we found it.

Emerging leader Chitamuka Joel, Samfya.


Cadres posted to Bweengwa?


I would like to respond to DK’s text dated 18th February, Daily Nation on Bweengwa violence. You asked if they would go to Southern Province and start violence if they didn’t belong there? Well, my friend, it is possible and I am sure this is the tactic they are using, no wonder some suspects can’t be found because they are not from that area. In the past elections we have heard of political parties taking cadres from Lusaka in buses to go and cause violence on the Copperbelt etc. Even here in Lusaka, we have cadres from Matero going to Garden or Kanyama just to cause violence. So its very possible.

Troy Mukupa.



Yes we can live in peace


Allow me space to remind my fellow countrymen that if Zambian cracks, it us the citizens to mend it. Let us help each other, not just blaming his Excellency. Zambia is our country. If we hold hands yes we can.

Sydney Banda.


 We’re being unfair to FTJ


I just want to add to the sentiments of the feature by Kapenya The Observer, “Let’s remember FTJ” of February 18, Daily Nation page 14. I feel we are not being fair to FTJ. We have Levy Mwanawasa hospital and a stadium named after one person. An airport after Dr. K. Kaunda, another airport named after Mr. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

Concerned Citizen.


 Did I hear right?


People of Zambia, please help us at our school (Chinika Secondary School). It’s a day school but Grade 10 to 12 are paying K1,000. According to what I heard the Government said we are not supposed to pay that amount or maybe there was mistake somewhere.

Rejoice, Chinika Secondary School.


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