What could be more uncivilized than the UPND presidential advisor Douglas Syakalima’s justification of the Bweengwa violence that characterized President Edgar Lungu’s tour of Southern Province last weekend by suspected  UPND cadres. In all fairness, the UPND presidential advisor should be ashamed of himself for condoning violence by defending the unruly cadres without realizing that such isolated incidents of violence could degenerate and culminate into national civil unrest.

But surely the buck stops with the public face of the UPND – its president. This all brings me back to some of his presidential special advisors. With the advent of veteran politician William Banda as the other special advisor to the UPND leader, it should be obvious to anyone with a basic grasp of Zambian political history that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will neither be coming down hard on

those UPND vigilantes who caused senseless mayhem in Bweengwa nor his presidential special advisors for supporting the vigilantes’ deeds.

Common sense suggests that the UPND vigilante group operates as a conventional militia, with an estimated strength of several hundred fighters or attackers. Its grassroots leaders are well known, though there have been strong indicators that local UPND politicians in the opposition-dominated province have seemingly been getting support to the vigilante group from top leaders in Lusaka. Its style is quick-strike attacks at police patrols or Government convoys. Meanwhile, the UPND vigilante group’s mission of destabilization of what is essentially a non-Tonga-led government is not perplexing, as it is exclusively a Tonga-dominated outfit.

The reaction to the gang’s violence in Bweengwa has struck terror everywhere in Southern Province. This must have forced the police to declare that in future they’ll react with full force to the gang’s attacks.

Probably a full-scale crackdown in the line of rail urban slums and other UPND vigilantes’ hideouts in the opposition-dominated province could leave the police with a clear victory.

The UPND vigilante group likes to pose as the party’s youth league, but at other times it comes across as a pure political gang for hire – until its recent descent into outright criminality through an orgy of seemingly senseless mayhem in Bweengwa that has drawn the full wrath of the state police.

The blood-red party regalia clad gang is especially feared because of the macabre and secret oaths to which it seemingly subjects its initiates. Yet its quasi-political posturing has since been exposed as a false cover for its true agenda: regime destabilization.

Mubanga Luchembe,


Lungu’s investor initiatives win kudos

The recent influx of potential investors into Zambia to explore many business opportunities is not by chance, it is by design by President Edgar Lungu’s dedicated team.

It is also an expression of confidence in the able leadership of President Lungu by the international business community.

It is for that reason that the people of Zambia must continue to support the president’s investment promotion trips abroad.

It is funny that the opposition political parties particularly the UPND is criticising the head of state for travelling abroad when their leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema is also doing the same.

I’m delighted that our number one diplomat Edgar Lungu has proven to the best salesman of our time.

Now I realise why it is cardinal to have a competent team. Let me take this opportunity to encourage Energy Minister Dora Siliya, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and Commerce Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe for their outstanding performance.

It is just normal that all Zambians rally behind President Edgar Lungu so that his action programme of development is fully attained. I have heard some people saying that we must allow President Lungu to go beyond 2016 so that he can finish his projects, the good reason is that let us give him another mandate because he has performed beyond our expectations, even those in the opposition know that fact. No wonder they have resorted to insults and violence. They have no idea how to turn around their political misfortunes. I appeal to the President to continue wooing investors so that we can create the much needed employment for our youths and subsequently grow our economy. Enock Chulu,Lusaka.


Lubinda spoton Kabimba

I want to commend Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda for blasting and branding Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba as an egoistic person whose hatred for other citizens was grave. It is indeed a true picture of the Rainbow Party leader’s personality.

The unrepentant Rainbow Party leader declared that Zambians who were going to vote for President Edgar Lungu in the coming general elections were insane (Daily Nation, February 18, 2016). And frankly, that got most of the would-be voters’ blood boiling.

I strongly believe that unless Kabimba’s bad and egocentric attitude of abusing Zambians is addressed, unless his confession of having been a bad leader when he served as Justice Minister and secretary general of PF is aggressively pursued, unless social justice is entrenched in his personality, unless he tells the nation why the late president Michael Sata fired him from both government and PF portfolios shortly before his death, unless he tells Zambians why he failed to attend the late president’s state funeral, unless his tongue is tamed,  unless, unless, unless… his would-be running mate dream and objective to the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can neither really be achieved nor realized.

I only hope that the Rainbow Party leader will not close his egoistic ears to this clarion call to action.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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