THE Grade 12 certificate qualification for elective office holders will stay because Government has no intention of taking the amended Constitution back to Parliament for further amendments, Vice President Inonge Wina said yesterday in Parliament.

And Ms Wina said Government was financially ready to conduct the

August 11, 2016 elections.

Vice President  Wina said Zambians requested for the Grade 12 certificate qualification clause and that was the reason why President Edgar Lungu assented to it.

She said if the clause had been sent back to Parliament for amendments before assenting, the same people would have accused President Lungu and the Government of mutilating the document.

“President Lungu assented to the Constitution on the basis of what Zambians wanted,” she said.

Ms Wina was responding to Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma during the Vice President’s question and amnswer session that  Ngoma had requested the Vice President indicates whether Government would consider amending the Grade 12 certificate clause in the Constitution following contradicting statement on the matter among officials.

Mr Ngoma explained that while Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili was on record as having said Government would consider taking back the Grade 12 clause to Parliament, President Edgar Lungu has dismissed such intentions.

“Mr Kambwili is on record saying he would undertake a national tour to get views of the people on the Grade 12 certificate clause. He said should people say ‘no’ to the clause, it would be sent back to the House for amendments,” he said.

Mr Ngoma demanded for an indication from the Vice President whether or not Government would amend the Grade 12 certificate clause.

But in her response, Ms Wina said Zambians wanted the clause to be included in the constitution.

“I don’t think we shall bring back the clause to Parliament for amendments,” Ms Wina said.

And Ms Wina said Government was financially ready to conduct the August 11 elections.

She was responding to MMD Ikelen’gi member of Parliament Elija Muchima who wanted to find out whether Government had adequate resources for conducting this year’s elections.

Mr Muchima also wanted to know whether Government had already started engaging cooperating partners in conducting the elections.

In her response, Ms Wina said Government was ready and had already started engaging cooperating partners who would financially help Government to conduct the elections.

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  1. Gerald Ngwira says:

    I do support that grade 12 certificate clause for public office should stand. Those who aspire to occupy these offices should have this minimum qualification or better still resume studies and obtain a GCE certificate. With the current level of world advacement in IT plus plus,its only normal and decent that one should have such a minimum qualification. Moreover, the office bearer will understand speeches and fill up forms without a hand of an interpreter.


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