THE rate at which women are engaging in alcohol-related activities is worrying most men in Lusaka especially that they are the mothers of the nation.

The men have complained that the rate at which women including married ones were engaging themselves in drinking has become a major source of concern because they were not being good role models to young girls.

The men said that although women were free to drink there should be a limit because otherwise the consequences were devastating to their families.

Mr Lenard Kasusa said he was worried about heavy drinking among women who were supposed to be role models and the practice is sending a wrong message to young girls.

Mr. Kasusa said that there was need for women counsellors popularly known as ‘‘Alangizi’’ to look into the issue and try to sit down with the culprits and get them back on the right track.

He said women of nowadays have lost self-dignity and that was why they could spend most of their time in bars drinking instead of taking care of their families.

Mr. Kasusa said counsellors needed to ensure that they mould the women into respectable people who understood their value in society. ‘’Our women today do not understand that even the increasing cases of gender based violence are partly because of the way they behave and conduct themselves; they do not understand that in as much as everyone is preaching about gender equality there are some things that women should stop themselves from doing.

‘‘Women cannot go around drinking the whole day when they are supposed to be running their homes and finding effective things to do with their lives,’’ he said.

Mr. Kasusa said the manner in which some women were conducting themselves was shameful and should not be encouraged by any well-meaning Zambians because it was affecting the entire nation.

Mr Cosmos Chabo blamed the Alangizi for being too lenient with women, allowing many of them to misbehave.

Mr. Chabo said some of the counsellors were not a good example to women because they also spent most of their time drinking.

He said there was need for the counsellors and church women to work together and ensure that they help the errant women to behave correctly.

‘‘No country can survive without women and that is why it is important that our women conduct themselves in a manner that is respectable because they are mothers of the nation and are supposed to be the people that the country looks up to for guidance,’’ he said.-Millennium

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  1. Reasonata says:

    Not surprised. .theses are the daughters of the men of the 80s. .Hee I know them


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