Rev Matale a wornout vuvuzela


Rev Suzzane Matale’s utterances in a recent Post edition are a sign of a wolf in sheep skin. A woman of God should be a unifying factor instead of agitating hatred. Reading her utterances one concludes that she is a hired gun. Let her come out in the open and join politics instead of hiding under the pulpit. She is being timid in by being an opposition wornout vuvuzela. She is not inspiring to women at all. Shame.



Zambia is bigger than UPND


UPND think that they can win an election using violence. This country is bigger than any single party and Zambians are not interested in dirty politics.

Danny street vendor, Kulima Tower.


Time to cage Post is now


I echo the sentiments by the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma (Daily Nation 18th February, 2015) about President Edgar Lungu being insulted and defamed right, left and centre by the Post newspaper. One wonders why our gallant Lusaka PF youths have let situation like that and of course the police have continued to remain mute and allowed the Post to insult the President with impunity. Are we expecting the President to defend himself or it is us to defend him?

DC, Lusaka.


Dangerous Kitwe roads


Independence and President roads in Kitwe are not safe to drive on because of potholes. Where are you Kitwe City Council?

Humphrey Lengwe, Kitwe.


You reap what you sow


There is time for sowing seed and time to harvest. You reap what you sow. It is God’s law and scripture which cannot be broken. You cannot sow hatred and expect to reap love.

Christian C.K, Kabwe.


FAZ should go after young Charley Musonda


Watching Charley Musonda in his two games for Real Betis makes me wonder what FAZ is doing about the boy. The boy is talented and with dual citizenship allowed now, FAZ must make a move before Belgium gets him.

Tainford Mwanza, Kanyama.


 Syakalima a dangerous person


Syakalima is a danger to the country. How I wish the elections were held today so that the likes of Syakalima’s thinking are taught a lesson and be consigned to the political wilderness. Syakalima, violence will never make your party win. This you must know.

Micky, Lusaka.


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