I  wish to appeal to Agriculture minister Given Lubinda not to worry much about Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba’s remarks suggesting that those Zambians who will vote for President Lungu are insane.

For me I think that it is better to be insane and vote for progress than to be sane and vote for idiots.

So I will urge all insane Zambians to vote for President Lungu on August 11 and let the stable chase after the dimwits who will take them nowhere.

Even a short look at the faces of some of our opposition leaders they are full of useless stories, frustrations, hearts heavy with hate and many evil vices and that  is the more reason God has said no to them.

My Kabimba should wait for August 11 and see what happens to him when the insane Zambians vote for PF and tell us where he will go thereafter.

So let Mr Kabimba say all what he wants after all there is an English axiom which says  empty tins make a lot of noise or indeed dogs that bark rarely bite.

Mr Lubinda should not therefore waste his energy on politicians who have no future and specialize in insults.

I want to plainly put it to Mr Kabimba that he will NEER rule Zambia even if his newspaper Post threw in everything to campaign for him because he is not presidential material. That, I am sure he knows.

The curtain is about to fall and the weeds we will have to burn. Those politicians who are in the habit of insulting they had better watch their mouths because to everything there is a limit.

Katai Mwaba.

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