THE habit of ranking and picking up passengers in the middle of the roads by public bus drivers in Lusaka’s Central Business District (CBD) has become a source of concern among motorists, who say it was obstructing traffic flow and causing numerous accidents.

They have observed that public bus drivers, especially in the evening broke every available traffic regulation and city by-laws in the manner they conducted their business. Morris Kabangwe, a motorist who regularly used Freedom Way accused bus drivers of been the causers of unnecessary traffic congestion.

Mr.Kabangwe noted that it had become a nightmare to drive through the CBD particularly in the evening, as bus drivers were ranking and picking passengers in the middle of roads.

“It’s like they have become in charge of the roads that they feel they can do whatever they like. They drive through red traffic lights, close lanes and make abrupt stops or U-turns.

“My major concern is that they are now ranking and picking up passengers in the middle of the road. Which is worrying because this is causing congestion and accidents which can be avoided,” Mr. Kabangwe said.

Another motorist Reuben Siachepa observed that the situation was getting worse as competition for passengers heated up while volume of traffic had continued to increase on roads. Mr. Siachepa called on the Lusaka City Council should urgently elicit the services of the Zambia traffic police to rid the CBD chaos on the roads caused by bus drivers.

“It has really become a jungle because the situation keeps getting worse. So it would be nice if the local authority with the help of the traffic police intervene in this situation, bus drivers have become so uncontrollable,” he said.

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