The English word “hypocrite” comes from a Greek root that denotes a speaker or a stage actor, often putting on a mask.

The term has come to mean anyone who was putting on an act to deceive others or to advance certain selfish goals.

Nyau dancers of the famous Gule Wamukulu (big dancer in Chichewa dialect) from Katete in Eastern Province and the Likishi or Makishi from both shores of the Zambezi River in North-Western, come handy as the first line of hypocrites.

They wear queer masks, scary in most cases, to deceive spectators that they are evil, brutal and cruel individuals when in fact they are good people.

In simple terms, a hypocrite can be said to be one who says one thing and does quite the opposite.

Angela Nyirenda, for instance, talks about a husband who discourages his wife from smearing skin lightening lotions when he himself is in the habit of flirting with the FBIs – former black individuals, za yellow ladies.

So, if you openly expressed hate for immorality when you are an avid viewer of explicit sexual scenes on Telemundo channel, then you certainly belong to this category of people. The only consolation is that it is not a crime to be a hypocrite.

You see, Their Worship the mayors and their respective councilors have in their municipalities roads, streets and avenues mounted with name plates bearing names such as Dr. Aggrey , Tom Mboya, Kantanta, Dedani Kimathi, Paul Tembo and Mwilu. But not even a footpath bear the name Fredrick Chiluba Njila, FJT Nzila or Chiluba Nshila.

Our city, town and district fathers and mothers are expected to break off from their busy schedule boot-legging in plots of land to identify footpaths in their compounds which they can dedicate to our late second president.

Dr Chiluba lies in repose with two of his successors in their respective mausoleums at Embassy Park. But he is the only one without a hospital, a bridge or a football pitch named after him in his remembrance.

You see, some men of God ‘sweet-talked’ Dr Chiluba into declaring Zambia as a Christian nation but when considering a name for the up-coming synagogue in Lusaka, FJT never crossed their medulla oblongata.

‘Fredrick JT Chiluba National House of Prayer’ would have been most appropriate for the man who delivered Zambia into the palms of the Lord.

You may call me a hypocrite for hypocritically pandering in hypocrisy with my hypocritical wits, but I am just trying to call a spade a spade.

And now, in my hypocrisy but certainly lack of it, I propose that the up-coming aerodrome to be built deep in the Chichele plantation be called ‘Fredrick JT Chiluba International Airport’.

Cited in Ndola where this former vibrant trade unionist hailed before becoming president, it can be a befitting dedication for Fred.

Should this flop, it is not a bad idea to re-name the Victoria Falls, Zambezi River or FINDECO House after Bashi Castro (father of Castro).

I have a feeling that something positive is in the offing for Fred and it will come before we commemorate the second anniversary of the day of prayer, fasting and reconciliation.

Come on guys, let us do something for FJT and let God do the rest – judge him for wrongdoing, if any.



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2 Responses to “LET’S REMEMBER FTJ”

  1. man mwepu says:

    sure let ur remember our father and leader, despite his shortctumins he did alot for mother zambia

  2. man mwepu says:

    sure let us remember our father and leader, despite his shortctumins he did alot for mother zambia


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