Kanyama cholera drives fear in surrounding areas


Residents of Garden House and John Laing in Lusaka are now living in fear following recent outbreak of cholera in Kanyama township.

The residents have said that they fear for their lives because cholera was contagious and all the areas that are surrounding Kanyama were at risk of getting affected with the disease.

They have complained that it was now very risky for the residents because cholera could easily spread to their localities and start claiming the lives of many people.

Joseph Chanda a resident of John Laing appealed to Kanyama member of parliament Gerry Chanda and the councillors to ensure that the people in the areas were living in good and healthy conditions and were not in any way at risk of any disease break in their area.

Mr. Chanda said that the cholera outbreak in kanyama is as a result of negligence by the leaders that are supposed to watch over the well-being of other people.

He said the councillors and the Members of parliament have not done enough to ensure that they improved and maintained the lives of the people in their area.

‘’Our councillors and MP do not have time to go round and see how the people are living, after they were elected into office they forget about the people that put them in that same office, the leaders are the ones to take the blame for failing to look after  their constituencies if they were doing their duties and developed Kanyama as they promised before been voted for, we would not be having this crisis,’’ he said.

Gerald Mulongoti, a resident of Garden house said that the Cholera outbreak in kanyama was unfortunate and should be condemned in order to ensure that such incidents were avoided.

Mr.Mulongoti said the cholera outbreak would have been avoided if the right measures were put in place.

And some Kanyama residents have said it was unfortunate that it had to take a break out of a deadly disease such as  cholera for the leaders to realize that there was work which needed to be done.

Tracy Kangwa, a resident of Kanyama said the residents have tried their best to appeal to their leaders to install water pipes, bring the council to collect garbage and build drainages but nothing had been done.

“We hope that with this outbreak, our leaders will be able to understand the importance of developing their constituencies and listening to the cries of the people,’’ she said.

Meanwhile, Lusaka provincial medical officer, Kennedy Malama said that the eight people that were affected in Kanyama were still undergoing treatment.

Dr. Malama appealed to members of the general public to ensure that they improve and maintain their hygiene conditions both in their homes and their townships.



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