Kabimba angers Lubinda


GIVEN Lubunda has blasted Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba for claiming that Zambians who are going to vote for President Edgar Lungu in the August general elections are insane.

Mr Lubinda who is Minister of Agriculture has branded Mr Kabimba as egoistic person whose hatred for other citizens was grave.

He said he was shocked to hear Mr Kabimba declare that Zambians who were going to vote for President Lungu in the coming general elections were insane.

Mr Lubinda said unless the Rainbow Party leader could face Zambians and apologise, he would forever remain a bad leader who was beyond redemption.

He said barely weeks after Mr Kabimba confessed of having been a bad Leader when he served as Justice Minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF) and expressd remorse, the Rainbow Leader was back to his “bad and egocentric attitude of abusing Zambians.”

Mr Kabimba was quoted by Radio Phoenix yesterday as having said that Zambians who were going to vote for President Lungu in the coming tripartite elections were insane, a statement Mr Lubinda said he was taking with great exception because the Rainbow leader had no right to insult citizens in the manner he did.

He said in an interview yesterday that Mr Kabimba was indeed a bad leader who had exhibited inability to control power during the time he served as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF.

Mr Lubinda recalled that while Mr Kabimba was Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF, power got to his (Kabimba) head so much that the Rainbow Party leader forget he was living on earth and started acting as if he was the alpha and the omega and was above all citizens in the country.

“It is unbelievable that Mr Kabimba can call  those of us who are voting for President Lungu in the coming election insane.

I hope he was misquoted but if indeed he uttered such abusive words against Zambians from whom he is seeking votes, then he remains a very bad leader and unrepentant. Mr Kabimba’s hatred against others is deeply ingrained in him beyond redemption,” Mr Lubinda said.

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2 Responses to “Kabimba angers Lubinda”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Mr Hon Lubinda,please don’t waste your busy time commenting on this finished Man.his head has a problem,talks whatever comes in the mouth,he is not a factor in.we know who he is

  2. The black woman not pink says:

    Ka kABIMBA is the insane one who does not even know why he was fired while at a rally in N.Western Province.
    He is the maddest , thick headed indisciplined individual and not a leader.
    Ka kabimba keshibe fye ifya mashilu yanankwe ku Post newspaper….
    whether you like it or not ECL is winning the elections for PF again and again.


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