Church must not be ‘political’-Kamba


THE Patriotic Front (PF) is appalled by the magnitude of hate speech coming from some church leaders in the country and has called on Zambians to be wary of some clergy who are using the pulpit to advance the agenda of the infamous cartel which has gone into a marriage of convenience with the opposition.

PF Lusaka Province chairman Kennedy Kamba said it was sacrilegious and hypocritical for some church leaders to continue criticising and demeaning President Edgar Lungu over the political violence being perpetrated largely by the opposition political parties.

Commenting on Council of Churches in Zambian (CCZ) general secretary Susanne Matale who was yesterday quoted by some section of the media that President Lungu was being careless and promoting political violence, Mr Kamba said it was clear that some church leaders were advancing the agenda of opposition political parties.

Mr Kamba said in an interview yesterday that youths were saddened that while President Lungu was preaching messages of peace, love and harmony in the country, some church leaders were propagating hatred against the country’s leadership.

He accused Reverend Matale of having taken a partisan position in criticising President Lungu because at no time did the Head of State fail to condemn political violence.

“We are appalled as youths in Lusaka that some of our church leaders have turned their pulpits into their political podium where they are preaching hate speech against President Lungu. We have the reason to believe that some church leaders have ganged up with the cartel and are advancing the causes of the opposition political parties. President Lungu has used every opportunity to condemn violence irrespective of who is involved but we are shocked that people from whom we expect messages of peace are instead sowing seeds of despondency,” Mr Kamba said.

He said the political arena was open and that if some clergy were admiring politics, they should leave the pulpit and join politics instead of using the church to advance their political agenda.

Mr Kamba said the PF and President Lungu had already set an example by expelling some of its violent membes .

He said the PF was getting rid of its violent members who were running to the opposition UPND which he said was embracing them.

Mr Kamba said the perpetrators of political violence were known and that President Lungu had always warned that he would not hesitate to disown PF members who would be found engaging in violence.

“We are worried that that some of our church leaders are not being sincere in condemning violence. They have been silent on the violence being perpetrated by the UPND and are quick to attack President Lungu over the violence being perpetrated by the opposition political parties.

‘‘This is ironical and we challenge the church to stand for the truth for which it is expected to keep,” Mr Kamba said.

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