Bravo Inonge Wina  


I would like to thank the Republican Vice President Inonge Wina for the timely warming to the opposition political parties to leave UNZA and CBU students alone. Surely, they are being selfish in that their children are abroad studying. We know them. We therefore vow not to vote for such leaders who are misleading the students and the nation at large.

Boyd Mwanza



ZESCO tell us about water levels in Kariba


Kindly allow me to ask ZESCO on the current status of the Kariba mam. I read in one of the social media channels that the levels of water have increased. I think our utility company can do us a favour by telling the nation the water level in the lake. If it is true that the level of water has increased, every Zambian will be happy to hear from ZESCO that power rationing has been reduced. I seek to be educated on the alleged increased water levels.

Mainza Mabeta.


Abnormal load shedding in Kamwala South


I would like to find out about power rationing here in Kamwala South which seems to be abnormal. We have greatly suffered from persistent power  inequality. Load shedding in Kamwala South is too much, from 06: to 14:00 hours, 12:00 to 20:00 hours, 14:00 to 22:00 hours. May ZESCO explain this.



Cosmo Mumba and his ‘jokes’


Cosmo Mumba asks renowned musician Clifford Dimba, alias ‘General Kanene’ to apologise to President Edgar Lungu of his negative comments against the Head of State, according to the Daily Nation (Sunday February 14, 2016) edition. Bwana Cosmo, as General Kanene is preparing his apology speech to President Lungu, you may also start preparing yours too to the Zambian youths for always lying to them that you will be standing for the presidency only to change the tune at the 11th hour.



Zambia for all


Zambian belongs to all of us and so every Zambian is free to move or go anywhere. Southern Province is not for the UPND alone but for all Zambians. Right-thinking Zambians will not vote for a violent party. We street vendors condemn the act and say ‘no’ to violence.

Danny, the Street Vendor:  Kulima Tower.

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