Act on road accidents

Allow me space in your paper to send my condolences to the families of the three pupils of Momba Secondary School who died in a road accident caused by a careless and unlicenced driver.

My condolences also go to the headteacher, members of staff and indeed to pupils of the school.

Not long ago, memories are still fresh when the nation lost pupils in a similar accident from Kawambwa Secondary School and another group from Siavonga during the Golden Jubilee celebrations. After the Kawambwa tragedy, the Government banned the use of trucks and almost immediately schools bought buses with some of them going to the extent of buying the fancied Marcopolos.

It is from this that I appeal to the Government to order schools to partner with Parents Teachers Associations and school boards to use the same buses to ferry pupils to and fro school.

Parents can be asked to contribute a small amount towards transport as private schools do and I am sure such accidents can be avoided as the schools have qualified PSV drivers.

It is far much better for our pupils to arrive late for lessons than arrive “early” at the mortuary. Can the police and RTSA intensify their operations? It is quite common to see traffic officers at a check point asking for a licence only to check for the expiry date and never bother to see if the holder of the licence corresponds with the driver. Let’s be vigilant, don’t just collect “bribes”.

The innocent lives on these roads are at the mercy of unruly taxi and Minibus drivers, and as for pupils, it is a common site to pile them like logs. CHAKWIYA BORNFACE, CHONGWE.


Clamp down on political violence

It has become imperative for the Government through the Zambia Army and the UPND leadership to tame the blood-thirsty UPND cadres in Southern Province.

We cannot treat the high levels of violence by the UPND cadres with kid gloves anymore.

The Zambia Army and the Zambia Police must collaborate and clamp down on the violent gangs calling themselves fluffies and Zaire police respectively.

The Government must act quickly to prevent all these machinations by the UPND thugs because they seem to be serious about it going by what happened in Bweengwa constituency where Government officials, PF members and journalists where held hostage by the same groups.

Is this the kind of culture the UPND intends to bring to the politics of this country?

I can only hope that the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces will at an appropriate time step in and protect his citizens by engaging the Zambia Army to discipline those violent cadres.

It would not help us to allow those thugs to continue harassing innocent citizens in the name of human rights when other people’s rights are being violated by the same cadres.

We should realise that Jehovah God acted when he noticed that there was too much violence in the Bible times.

It is a mockery for UPND to fool Zambians that they want to bring economic independence when party cadres are harassing innocent people in society.

Enock chulu, Lusaka.


Daily Nation cheers reader


There are some media houses that have specialised in hate speeches. I wish to applaud the Daily Nation for a fair coverage to all the political parties. I have been following your reporting, it is balanced. At least you give everyone the space on the front page unlike other papers that do not miss to feature their ‘‘leader’’ who is not even known in his village. Bravo Daily Nation.



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