ANYKEY Technologies of South Africa is expected to set up business in Zambia by middle of the year, company managing director Chantal Applewhite has said.

Ms Applewhite said the company, whose officials were in Zambia in November last year to explore business opportunities, has decided to set up a branch here.

She said Anykey was targeting both the general business and banks which needed to apply technology in their daily business.

“We are exploring Zambia; it’s an exciting market, we love the fact that Zambian people are well educated and believe in enterprise. They embrace technology which is coming,” she said.

Ms Applewhite said Anykey was confident that it would get a positive response from businesses as shown at the first executive meeting which took place on Tuesday in Lusaka.

“We are targeting banks in Zambia because we feel it is a sector which needs to embrace technology for their day to day transactions and business.

“We will see how the response will be; general business will also be approached and share information on the importance of technology,” she said.

Ms Applewhite said her company was keen to help Zambia and promote technology skills.

She said Zambia had an exciting technology market with entrepreneurs ready to apply technological skills in their businesses.

The company provides remote monitoring, a service that helps businesses minimise the risk of system failure that may occur due to problems such as file systems filling up, paging space running low and memory utilisation.

It is able to provide automated monitoring which enables Anykey to assess the business system and generate a report which would highlight any potential problems before they arise.

Anykey can evaluate current business backup strategy and recommend any possible areas of improvement.

Should there be any deficiencies in the backup strategy, Anykey would design and customise backup procedures which would achieve the specific requirements and needs of the customer.

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