Chawama residents have called on the area councillor and the Member of Parliament to ensure that they first recruit all the youths in the area to work in the newly constructed city mall so that the youths have something to do that can keep them away from bars and other undesirable activities.

The residents said that it is important that the new mall is used to employ the youths in the area before they can start employing people from distant places.

They complained that Chawama has no resources or activities to enable the youths to empower themselves and do something productive with their lives and not just waste it on drinking beer.

The residents say that the new mall will give an opportunity to the youths to work and earn a living for themselves. Raymond Kalumba, a Chawama resident, said that the mall will be a great opportunity for the youths to start being responsible and learn how to work and make a living.

Mr. Kalumba said that the youths of Chawama have for a long time indulged in unhealthy activities because they do not have positive things to do.

Finding work in the new mall will give be a stepping stone to ensure that they do something better with their lives. He said that it was important that the people in charge at the mall consider hiring the locals before they engage people from other places.

‘’The mall is in Chawama and it is just right that the people that should benefit from its construction and operation are people from within; yes we accept that the mall is meant for everyone but we think it is right for our youths to be considered before people from other places come into the picture,’’ said Mr. Kalumba.

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